The Baby Show – London’s Kensington Olympia – 2015 – Our Favourite Stalls

*** If you would like to read about our visit, you can find this here***

Please see below a list of our favourite stalls, out of many, from this year’s Baby Show at London’s Kensington Olympia – this was certainly a hard list to compile, but I think we did it. We look forward to properly reviewing our purchases over the next few months, but for now I want to spread the word about our favourites from the show.

Nuna – Although not much on show, in comparison to guys like Stokke, these guys were where we bought our biggest purchase of the day – our baby seat. A Dutch company, these guys create gorgeous products for eating, hanging out, travelling, and sleeping. They’ve really taken the products back to basics without a battery or plug in sight. I really love these guys. You can find them here:

Mamas and Papas – I don’t remember them being at the last Baby Show I went to, so I was super excited to see them here this year. As well as furniture, they had tons of accessories for sale at really good prices. Probably our second biggest spend of the day. You can find them here:

Cheeky Wipes – Every time we see these guys we always say Hi. Located very near to where we live, we feel especially close and really like their products. As a strong hater of “fads” I was very reluctant to go down the line of anything reusable as I don’t believe they’re practical but since seeing these guys in action, I cannot wait to use and review their wipes. You can find them here:

Pink Lining – One of the smaller stalls out there, and branded as “designer” – which is usually a no go for me, I really liked their artwork/designs, we even bought our mobile from these guys – which is something I’ve had trouble deciding for a while! You can find them here:

The Book People – Ok, so not at all linked to Pregnancy or Babies per se, but I have been using The Book People for a while now, not just for me but for getting hold of my future kids books. They have a massive range of old school books (that I even remember as a child) as well as new/current ones. They always have really good deals, especially on box sets or collections, and have excellent customer service. I cannot stress how great this company is for all things book related. You can find them here:

Ergo Baby – After discussing how we would eventually travel with our baby, we agreed that a harness would be safer and more comfortable for S’s back. Looking at Ergo Baby, we really liked their designs and the way one particular harness can be used in several positions throughout the age of the baby. I know that there are others out there that do the same, but I also know plenty who have recommended them already as well – I’m now glad that I was able to check them out. You can find them here:

The Gro Company – Finally getting round to purchasing our sleeping bag, we went straight to these guys. As well as a wide range of products from the cute Gro-Egg to the Gro-Swaddle, their primary product are their Sleeping Bags. Although there are now alternatives on the market, these guys have such lovely designs and are well priced. You can find them here:-

We’d also like to shout out to the following who we really liked and/or also made purchases with throughout the day:-

We really enjoy going to “alternative” stores rather than typical high street stores, so please let us know about any recommendations that you think we should have a look at.


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