Our Holiday to Dorset

Apart from a disappointing first cycle back after meds, S and I also went on holiday to Dorset for a week. As huge lovers of the South West; our favourite part being Cornwall, we’d never been to Dorset so we thought why not – especially as I’ve been dying to visit Monkey World. As soon as we got there, I regretted not visiting sooner – it’s absolute paradise (for the UK) not to mention a genuinely nice place, not just a tourist built attraction like my hometown Brighton can be.

During our week, we stayed in a local Haven caravan park near Poole and stayed in what they called their summer house, which was beautiful albeit small. We visited local harbours and towns such as Poole and Weymouth, as well as visited local attractions. We gorged on cider, cream teas, and fish and chips as well as scoffed on local made fudge. It was certainly the break that we needed.

What caught us off guard, however, during our week was the most amazing beaches – they were something you would never find in the UK. Apart from a small handful, us Brits are used to pebbles and cloudy water when it comes to our beaches, but not this one. We visited one just near the village of Lulworth and found that not only was it sandy, but the water was clear even when I was shoulder-deep! It was paradise, I really really didn’t want to leave. We ended up spending two days of our holiday there, bringing a picnic with us the next day (we actually ended up picnic’ing most days as the weather was so gorgeous).

It’ll certainly be somewhere we take the kid(s) in the future – as there are a ton of things still to do that would have looked odd if S and I went alone. You know, those really nice farms that have a ton of activities, like tractor rides and lamb feeding for kids, and not for a twenty-something year old adult.

I’m forever planning ahead and saying to S, “that’ll be nice when (sometimes “if”) we have kids”. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later because my list is ever growing!

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of our amazing break to Dorset.



2 thoughts on “Our Holiday to Dorset

  1. chickletsmums says:

    Amazing photos! I went to Dorset as a kid and don’t remember it looking so exotic! I guess that’s down to the weather mainly and that’s always a gamble but looks like you had good luck!

  2. Molly says:

    I am so jealous of your getaway! That beach is beautiful! I keep telling my wife that I need to go sit on a beach under an umbrella with a drink in one hand and a book in the other hand for a good solid week. No work. No TTC. Just escape.

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