Days Out: WWT Wetland Centre, London with Robinsons. 

Last week, I was very kindly invited by my friend Chelle to join her on a trip to the Wetland Centre in London. I’ve never been before and seeing as I LOVE a good nature reserve I couldn’t say no.

The day itself was in aid of a new campaign by Robinsons to #EnjoyMoreWater, which is well timed as I’m terrible for drinking water – which is super important as a breastfeeding mum! T, on the other hand, is a brilliant drinker.

The day started rather early, so early that I had to wake T at 6am! He was surprisingly ok with this and within the hour we were up, dressed, fed and out the door. After a quick train to Brighton to meet Chelle, we were on our way!


The thought of travelling to London with a one year old, especially one that prefers to crawl, was rather daunting, however once T locked eyes with Fizz and Beetlebum, he was happy (several snacks may have also helped with this!).

The journey was really easy, and despite having to make two train changes in central London and then a quick hop on the bus it went surprisingly well. I’d happily and confidently do that journey again and would recommend it if you don’t drive and fancy going somewhere different.

After a short walk, we arrived at the Wetland Centre.


Despite the cloudy weather, it was still a beautiful sight to see – you instantly forgot you were in the middle of London.

The Wetland Centre is ten minutes from the area of Hammersmith, and is a conservation charity for wetlands. Their goal is to educate people about preserving water for wildlife; whether it be in the form of recycling rain water to providing water for animals, as well as working on making drinking water clean and safe.

The location linked nicely to the event as Robinsons are also campaigning for adults and children to drink more water – with most adults not knowing how much water to drink per day (8 glasses, by the way).

After a quick walk to our room for the morning, we settled down to tea and introductions. This was lovely as I got to meet other bloggers and their little ones. T, on the other hand, was far more interested in making an exit out the patio doors!


During the day we learnt about how important water is for our bodies – with water being the main cause of tiredness and head-aches, not to mention happiness and concentration in children. I also found out that water is everywhere, even in food (any excuse)!

The day then finished with lunch and an afternoon around the centre…



As mentioned, you really don’t realise you’re in the middle of London with all the green space and birds flying around you. There’s no traffic noise pollution, and there’s enough space to knacker even the most energetic of toddlers out!



We were at the Wetland Centre for at least 2 hours, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we had to catch a train we probably could have spent a little while longer there. There’s so much to do and I will definitely visit again. Not only is there the main path way walk that surrounds the nature reserve, you also have several buildings to visit; detailing different exhibits, from bat houses, to bugs, to pollution and recycling. There’s also several bird boxes and viewing points!


We had a wonderful day and would highly recommend paying the centre a visit. The day has also given me a kick up the backside to drink more water!


We were invited by Robinsons to visit the wetland centre as part of their new campaign to #EnjoyMoreWater, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.




4 thoughts on “Days Out: WWT Wetland Centre, London with Robinsons. 

  1. occupation:(m)other says:

    Looks lovely. I really enjoy the wetlands centres I’ve been to but not visited this one before. And yes I will now go and pour myself a glass of water! I also feel a tiny bit less nervous about my triain trip to London on Thursday with my toddler. ..

    • Kate Everall says:

      Me neither! And thanks to this one, I’ve recently found one in Arundel, too! They’re beautiful places.

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