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Cost For Orlistat >> Free samples for all orders

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Orlistat is used for managing obesity in overweight adults.

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When It Rains, It Pours. 

The last few weeks have been pretty rubbish if you ask me. I’ve constantly felt like duck (hear me out) – gracefully gliding through life to the naked eye, but frantically flapping underneath the water. 

It started when my stepmum got admitted into hospital for a number of issues I won’t disgust you with. But putting it simply, there are issues in some serious places. 

Things are moving in the right direction, but we don’t know when she’ll be home or what the circumstances will be when she does come home. It’s hit everyone really hard. 

That’s raindrop number one.

Number two leads on from number one in that our childcare arrangements have now subsequently changed. 

T goes to nursery three days a week in the afternoon. I drop him off and my mum picks him up, does his tea, and then Sharon picks him up an hour later. 

With hospital visits, my mum (quite understandably) can’t do pick ups which means Sharon is now having to get up at 4:30 to catch a 5:30 bus to start work at 6:30 so that she can finish work early to pick him up. Ouch. 

To make matters worse, Sharon was then sick last week during a major project, so I had to leave work for an hour, pick T up, and then go back to work. 

Thank god for understanding bosses!

Although it works, our current set up can only be temporary as Sharon’s boss isn’t keen on the hours due to what her role entails – so we have to work something out. 

I need to work full time to pay for childcare (go figure) and bills, so I can’t cut any hours down to work around pick ups. I then worked out that with the weekends I already work we only have 26 days a year when we’re together as a family that isn’t annual leave. 26. So I can’t add any more weekend work and take from the week. Unless I never want to see my family again. 

This is likely going to go on for several weeks which leaves us with only two viable options. 

1) Look for a childminder for the hour in between nursery finishing and Sharon picking him up. 

2) Move T to a nursery to closer to Sharon’s work. 

I don’t even want to consider number 2 as T is thriving, however number 1 will likely leave me with zero cash. But then with 26 days of family time it’s unlikely I’ll need it anyway!

I can’t change my shifts so I work 8-5 (and therefore do nursery drop off and pick ups) as that’ll mean more cash to nursery as T would then be doing all day as apposed to just the afternoon. Although tiring, my 1-10pm shifts work financially. 

So the next few weeks are going to see us looking at major changes to everything. From finances to childcare. Not a great time to also think about weaning T off the boob as well, eh? Oh! And hello to our newest addition; the 18 month sleep regression. 

Even if my stepmum returns home, I think this is a sign that maybe we need to look at alternative childcare arrangements anyway. My mum is *cough* years old after all – she’s already raised her own two kids and has health issues of her own. I think she deserves a rest. 

What this post serves, I don’t know. It’s certainly not a way a moan about family. Far from it. This week has seen family come together and “teams” strengthen. 

I’m so lucky to have Sharon as my wife. Without a second thought she’s changed things at work alongside me. She’s still helped with the night wakings (don’t ask) even though she’s getting up at ridiculous o’clock. She’s just been amazing, even though it could quite easily go down the pan with how tired we both are. 

Our routine is royally out the window. 

Shit happens. It really does. We’re not the only ones affected in all of this, and none of this is anyone’s fault. 

But when it rains, it really does pour. 


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The last six months since our Buy valacyclovir hcl 500mg have flown by, and yet they feel like an eternity ago. I really can’t believe T is now 18 months old.

T is a proper little boy now, constantly on the move and constantly eating! He has his own little character and is smart and funn with it. He is also very kind – giving out kisses and cuddles without being prompted, and likes to share everything he has (as long as you give it back).

I’m really enjoying this stage at the moment. I can play with T and he plays back, he genuinely enjoys being read to, and he genuinely understands what I’m saying to him. I know most parents say this; but T is so so smart.

If I ask him to put something on his head, he does. If I ask him where the cow is, he gets it and even makes the noise a cow makes. He knows the difference between and fork and a spoon, and knows which cat is which when I ask him to go look for them. I don’t mean to sound so shocked, but that’s a lot for someone who’s only been around for 18 months!

Outings are even more enjoyable what with T being on the move and constantly noticing new things around him and not just the things that move.

Some days out are a bit slow, but that’s because we notice T often likes to just watch and ponder.


T is (surprisingly) still asking for boob every now and again, even though he went Kamagra for sale usaof not asking/wanting it when it was offered. At 18 months I just assumed food and water would cover everything now, but obviously not.

He now only has it before his morning nap and before bed. He used to ask for it around 2pm, but when I offered water instead he was quite happy with that. I feel he often asks for the sake of asking but doesn’t actually want any milk. I know that Breastfeeding is also a comfort thing, but I’m not even sure it’s like that with T as he can sometimes be on for a matter of seconds and he’s off.


There was a time when T was copying a few words, like; “Oscar“, “Car“, “No” and “Mama“, however things have slowed down now – I’m not sure whether T is just prioritising other things now he thinks he knows ALL THE WORDS at 18 months.

He’s very vocal, and often has a lot to say in baby language, but they’re never real words or repetitive noises to represent something. For example, he won’t say anything similar to “thank you” when we give him something even though we are CONSTANTLY saying “Ta”. He knows stuff, that’s for sure – certain animals or objects around the house for example – he just doesn’t attempt to copy the words. He does, however, shake his head when he doesn’t want something and that’s pretty cool.

We’re always talking to him and asking him questions, not to mention reading to him, therefore I’m not worried we’re not doing enough. I guess it’s just a case of waiting and listening.


Leading on from the above, we’re also starting to experience the ‘terrible-twos’ or whatever age this starts now. Our holiday was a fine example.

Although we had an absolutely Generic valtrex canada pharmacy, with T enjoying himself and still finding time to laugh, we found that T was quite emotional during that week, with tantrums happening daily – if not hourly on some days. Although the majority of them occured when we stopped him from walking somewhere dangerous, or taking pebbles off of him that he wanted to eat, we also had random bouts of tears.

We thought it may have been one of many leaps or milestones, or maybe even teeth, however it could have been down to the change of scenery. We took lots of home comforts with us, but I perhaps it all got a bit much for him. I’d be interested to see if this was the case, or whether this is the start of ‘terrible-somethings’.


Now we’re over the sickness spree T is 100% back to normal when it comes to meals.

He polishes off all his meals these days and still enjoys a variety of flavours (even heat/spice). His favourite is still anything with potato in it, although his quickest devour yet is still mama’s Lasange. He still isn’t keen on Apple slices, but when I grate it into his porridge he’s quite happy.

Jam face


Not as bad as a few weeks ago where he was waking every few hours, but we do still get the occasional midnight wake.

Mama can usually get him back off and then we’re good until 7, although more recently we’ve been having 5:30 wake ups, which is a killer when one of you has been up with him at midnight.

New Ventures

In addition to the above, the past six months has seen Buy viagra over the counter in canada, Cialis generic en france, and lots of movement. T is starting to bend his knees properly when he walks, and has almost lost that “toddler toddle”.

We also ventured into the unknown this month and got T’s hair cut!


I was reluctant at first, as I really wasn’t ready to lose the last few strands of ‘baby’, but his hair was wild and looking a little messy. I have no qualms about long hair, but it just didn’t ever sit right and was often leaving him quite hot.

We went to our Best online cialis canada in Brighton and fell in love with their newest Barber. He wore a top hat so I was already smitten, and T was pretty calm throughout – only having to resort to the iPad towards the end. The cut only took a few minutes (probably not even 5) but it felt like a lifetime when I started to see curls drop to the floor.

The cut turned out great – and we even managed to salvage some curls on his head still AND for our memory box.

I expect the next 6 months to fly – which is bound to happen when you’re working full time with a busy toddler. I’m really hoping to Gabapentin in uk. This comes from feeling like I’m not always “present” in the moment. I’m often thinking of the next meal or when nap time is due, meaning I often can’t remember when T started doing a certain thing or making a certain noise. It’s tough to say the least, and I feel awful, but I think we’re doing ok now. I’ve certainly relaxed a little.

The last 6 months, although have still flown, don’t feel to have passed as quick as the first year. I’m hoping that’s because I’m making an effort to watch everything going on around T. It’s hard not to when he’s off before you even put him down!



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It didn’t take long after T turning one that his words started becoming more word like and less like babble.

Although I had no qualms about having a conversation with him, it got tricky after a while, especially when T would look at me in confusion, knowing full when I had already asked him “how much” something was or “what else” someone had said.

I know, mate, I'm confused as you.

I know, mate, I’m confused as you.

  • Of recent, however, those babbles have now turned into full blown words, with “mama” and “Bebe” being his favourite words.

    Here’s a few other words I know T can say:

  • Dada (yeah, I know, I was surprised as you).
  • Duck.
  • Ockar (Oscar).
  • Tat (Cat).
  • Meeeeeeee.
  • Nana

In addition to this, I’m overjoyed at how T can also understand me as well…

He knows how to kiss (me, preferably):

He currently enjoys kissing every character in 'Rabbits nap'.

He currently enjoys kissing every character in ‘Rabbits nap’.

He knows where his tongue is when I ask him:


He smiles when I ask him to (sometimes):


When I ask him who’s on the phone, he finds out:


There are a heap of other little tricks such as; clapping along to songs, and passing me objects I’ve asked for, that T can do and I’m so proud. I’m also often dumbfounded as to where he picked certain things up – I’ve certainly never taught him how blow raspberries, for example!

I’m confident that this is the work of nursery combined with us reading to him.


He absolutely loves books, and often brings us several throughout the day to read over and over and over and over and over again. I’m pretty sure I now know where fox’s socks are and what pet the zoo gave to the little kid.

I know we’re a little while off, but I cannot wait to hear T’s “talking voice” – I know it’s going to melt me. I can’t wait for him to start asking questions or even just being able to say please and thank you.

What were your little knew first words?

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I’m The big ONE. T is now a full 12 months old.

Starting this update with a bang, T had an amazing first birthday and got spoilt rotten by friends and family.

We decided to go to Marwell zoo on his actual birthday and then have a party on the Saturday.

Marwell was wonderful. Despite the on and off rain, we still had a lovely day. T was awake for the giraffes; which are at the beginning, but then promptly fell asleep! He then woke in time to see an emu, which he enjoyed immensly.

At least this way it meant S and I got to spend some quiet time with each other; reminiscing about the past twelve months.

We’ll write more about our day trip later, but the day itself was brilliant. T actually woke up on time, meaning we got to do everything and leave the house on time. I’m also pretty sure he woke up taller.

The party on Saturday was so much fun. The house was full of colour and as usual we did enough food to feed a small army. S did all the cooking and I was left to get creative with banners and bunting!

As expected, we made sure T looked as dapper as ever. Suprisingly, that white shirt remained white throughout the whole day!

Within a few minutes of everyone arriving, there was a wonderful hum coming from all the chatter and play. It was lovely to finally watch all our friends children play together.
Despite only having a 30 minute nap, T lasted the whole day without getting crabby. The food he gorged on probably helped though!Because of the size of our house, we were unfortunately limited to inviting only family and close friends, however we’re hoping to organise another social gathering in a few weeks at a local park for his other friends.

******In other news, T’s movement is coming on leaps and bounds, literally. When he’s using his walker, or us as balance, he can pick up quite a decent speed if his path is free.

He really enjoys walking, especially when he’s outside. I’m impressed how quickly he’s picked it up since he started less than a month ago. He loves the “freedom” (as does his gut, which moves a lot more freely now) but his head is often faster than his feet (and us). I can’t wait to be able to chase him or him chase us.

Weaning went back a few weeks at the start of the month thanks to a sickness bug that he picked up from somewhere (no idea where, but I was pretty angry about it as it messed up his nursery settling in sessions). One night, he just woke at 1am, had a feed, and then just threw that and his dinner back up and then proceeded to do so until he just fell asleep through exhaustion at 4am. The next day wasn’t any better as he continued to be sick after most feeds – it was like a game of roulette as to whether he’d be sick on me. Thankfully, everything calmed down by lunchtime the following day, however he’s only just got his appetite back now.

Staying on the subject of appetite, I got my golden boobs award as soon as T hit 12 months. I’ll probably write more about this later, as I don’t think I can do it justice here, but for now I just want to say that I’m incredibly proud of myself (which isn’t something I say often!). I remember T’s first feed like it was yesterday, and although it’s been tough at times and exhausting both mentally and physically, I’m glad I stuck at it.

As mentioned, T started nursery this month. The first day went surprisingly well. I dropped him off and despite him watching me leave, he didn’t cry once. Instead, he made his way to the table ready for lunch. He then proceeded to play until pick up. What’s more is that he’s also started napping at nursery! This is huge as not only does he usually need boob to nap, but the nap has to be on someone (unless we only want a 30 minute nap) – nursery has quashed both these factors as he’s slept in their crib a few times now AND without milk – I’m still trying to find out their secret! Saying that, I’m in no rush to move away from baby snuggles.

My first day back at work once T was dropped off went, again, surprisingly well. It felt like I’d never left and apart from the phone systems, I carried on where I’d left off. It was great. Deep down I was glad to be back. Jokes aside, I enjoyed being “me” again.


So this is going to be my last official update until T hits 18 months. Thanks to work, I now have less time to blog, and to be honest, there won’t be as many milestones anyway. I will continue to write where I can, especially when the big milestones happen, but I’m afraid I won’t be doing the monthly ones. If you’ve followed from the start, thank you! I’d love to know what your favourite month was! I think mine was…

At this point, I’d like to thank Lisinopril price in us for hosting our monthly #whatmykiddid linky. Like me, Lauren has also returned to work following maternity leave, so the reigns for the monthly linky have now been passed over.

I’ve really enjoyed linking up as its not only encouraged me to write the updates, but I’ve been able to read about other growing little ones. If you’d like to join in with any updates about your little one(s), feel free to follow the link with instructions.


As we enter a new chapter, I have no idea what it’s going to bring us. Fingers crossed for independent steps, and within the next 12 months, maybe even words! I’m still saddened when I think T is moving further and further away from being a baby, but it’s now becoming really exciting.

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It’s been a busy one this month. I honestly don’t know where Febrary went.

In just over a month, we’ll be celebrating T’s FIRST birthday. We’ve just started getting bits ready, although we’re far from done. We’re trying not to go OTT, but you’re also only one once!

T has (finally) been busy getting himself mobile, with activities such as pulling himself up and a semi bum-shuffle being the favourites.

T now has no problem lunging forward when he wants something, regardless of whether he’s sat on his own or on me. If he wants it, he’ll grab it and coordinates his legs nicely now to manuever himself.

He’s also slowly grasping the way legs can move you forward! Over the past two weeks he’s started moving his left leg forward and backward, which then started to loosen his right but after an afternoon at nana’s he managed to take a few steps forward with the help of mama.

His movement definitely comes in random bouts though. One minute he’s pulling himself up and almost cruising around the sofa, the next he’s sat and refusing all effort to get the toy that’s near him. It’s very frustrating.

Weaning has been pretty spot on this month with only a few days where he’s been a little wotsit and not eaten a thing, but then those days have correlated with days where he’s either had a heavy meal the night before or he’s teething. It really is a learning game for me, as much as it is him.

His favourite food at the moment is pasta, egg, and blueberries. He’s now stopped eating banana, but has found a new love for grapes!

I’m now starting to wonder when “weaning” becomes “weaned”? T is boobing less now, with his morning feed only lasting 5-10 minutes after which he then starts wanting breakfast.

It seems his biggest feeds are before his nap at 10:30am and bedtime from 6:30pm. He’ll still have little “drinks” but he’s certainly not asking for as much and sometimes he’ll even take a snack instead!

He’s starting to sleep through more often than not, although when teeth disrupts this he’ll still only wake the once which isn’t bad. I’ve also changed his nappy to a more luxurious brand for nighttime – this seems to be helping.

The last week of February was tainted with illness, with the household all coming down with gastroenteritis. It was awful. Sickness before a child is a walk in the park, seriously. You can curl up on the sofa and just wallow. With the child, that’s out of the question. They don’t wallow in self-pity or cuddle up on the sofa to watch a film, nope, they just get on with things and maybe moan for a little bit before being sick. Therefore, have to keep up with them, and it’s tough. Really tough. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours, but it was the longest 24 hours of our lives.

Finally, and most importantly, T is a year next month. We finally left the ‘denial’ stage last week and have accepted a year has passed in a blink of an eye. We’re preparing a small (ish) party at home with family but am hoping to do an extended, mass get-together a few weeks later with friends once we can guarantee nice weather. Part of us (me) wants to do a themed party (I was made for birthday parties) but we (S) thinks it’ll be wasted on a one year old. I do somewhat agree with this but I also want his first birthday to be frickin awesome, so I’m torn. I’m also aware of how expensive theming a party can be so perhaps we should make the most out of the only opportunity we’ll probably have to have a cheap (ish) party.

Maybe I’ll just go back to the denial stage and ignore this whole ‘T turning one thing’.