Toddler Kindness. #ClangersForKindness

I’m pretty proud to say that T has always been a kind person.

Since an early age he was happy to share toys with us and other children, and would often give us something without the need to have it back.

For an 18 month old, that’s not bad. Especially as we haven’t had to work hard at encouraging it. It’s just happened.

I assumed toddlerhood would be where everything he had would be his, and everything I had would be his too, and I’d be damned if I tried to take it back.

T’s kindness comes in a range of different colours and forms, and I’m lucky to have witnessed them all:-

1) Toys. Even with his favourite toy, T likes giving and seeing what you make of it. If you offer it back, he’s even pushed your hand back towards you indicating that you can keep it. He likes watching you enjoy it, he likes playing with people.

2) Sharing food. Everything and I’m mean everything is shared at mealtimes. Although he now accepts when I say “no thank you” there was a time when T would get quite upset when I wouldn’t take AND then eat something he offered.

3) Cuddles. There’s not a day that goes by where T doesn’t ask for a cuddle or kiss. Likewise, if I ask for cuddle, more often than not he’ll oblige and give me a quick squeeze.

4) Animals. I’ve said this before, but T is extremely gentle with animals. He clearly adores them. Even without telling him he always pats them gently, and when there’s a new animal in his vicinity he calmly toddles over to enquire about a stroke.

Other forms of kindness include waving to strangers, picking things up for me, helping me do housework, and generally being a sweet person.

I fully expect things to change as T gets bigger and older (although I really hope not), but considering he’s usually a bull in a china shop I’m amazed at how naturally kind T is at the same time.

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In the meantime, how does your little one share their kinder side?


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