Pick A Card, Any Card… Or Not.

As some of you probably know by now, I am an LGBT child. The most important years of my life were shared with my mum’s wife, A. She raised me through my teenage years, through the good times and the bad and because of this, both my sister and I class her as our mum. We have done for many many years.

So, with this, every year my sister and I buy cards for Birthdays, Christmases and pretty much any occasion that we see fit, with “To a Special Mum” or the like on the front. We don’t have to think about it, we just do it.

However, it has only been of recent when S and I have been doing joint “To you, from Us” cards that the lack of cards for “To My Mum and her Wife” or “To my wonderful Mothers” and the like are practically non-existant and it has really angered me. (Whether it is because I am coming to the end of AF and I’m a little emotional, but I almost cried with anger today).

Sure, I can find the cards I want in “special” shops where you can find “Mrs and Mrs” cards, but I am lucky to live in one of the gay capitals of England where shops like these can be found with ease and not down a dark alley, but what about other locations? Gays don’t just live in gay capitals, we’re everywhere! Regardless of whether I can get the card elsewhere, I shouldn’t have to go to these special shops to get a “mum and mum” card, I should be able to grab it in a mainstream store, right?

I can accept that perhaps there won’t be a card for every occasion or scenario such as “To My Father and his ginger partner”, I can accept that, but in this era where ladies and gentleman are now (legally) marrying the same sex, surely someone like Hallmark should be adding us to their stock? It should be embraced; not just as a money making chance but to accept that LBGT couples/parents exist on the same shelf as hetro-sexual couples and have done for a long time not just because the law has now changed.

I know that the guys at Hallmark are pretty slow on the uptake, it’s only been a few years since the “To my Mum and her Partner” card was released (trust me, I know) but I find it unacceptable that there are still no LGBT cards, even if we were stowed away with the “To my Cat at Christmas” cards – at least it was something.

From a more personal note, I am disgusted and saddened to think that when our child comes to buy their Christmas cards, there won’t be any “Mum and Mum” or “To my Mums” cards, and they will have to be restricted to buying two separate cards because I am sure as hell not being the partner side of the “To My Mum and her Partner” card!

So, come on Hallmark, get with the times! Don’t make me have to add an “S” on the end of “Mum” again.


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  1. Rachael says:

    This gives me such a great idea for my Etsy. My shop caters to our families and I am excited, now I can start making some greeting cards for this! I definitely understand why you are frustrated, I hope by the time my daughter is old enough to get her own cards, she will be able to find one for her two mommies. Until then, I will make designs!

    • lesbemums says:

      I’m glad to hear. It sounds lovely.
      As mentioned above, I’m ranting about the principle of it all and to be honest, I’d rather buy from a lone store/personal business that massive chain. But for those that have no choice, it saddens me.

  2. tiffany267 says:

    It blows my mind that more companies haven’t been more inclusive of the LGBT world in their marketing. As far as I can see, it’s just lost revenue. Hopefully where Hallmark has failed others will step in and beat them to the punch. Hallmark is rather expensive anyway.

    I’m definitely with Rachael and Marguerite, though – a handmade card, even one purchased on Etsy, is definitely more meaningful anyway. Typically a better bargain as well.

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