Review – Fertility Friend (mobile iOS app)

Review – Fertility Friend (mobile iOS app)

When we first started the process of having a baby we were advised to record things such as temperature, cervical fluid and OPK tests (Ovulation Tests) as well as other things like mood, appetite and other similar things so that we know a good day to then inseminate. With this, it was all well and

Pride Angel

If you haven’t ever heard of PrideAngel, here’s a snippet from their website:- “Pride Angel is a UK limited company founded by professional scientists Erika and Karen and a member of the gay business association. With personal experience of donor conception and raising children within a lesbian relationship, together they are committed to helping single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples become parents

Review – Graze Snack Box

I first heard of the Graze boxes a few years ago when a friend got them delivered almost on a daily basis to her office. Now, although the idea of having a variety of snacks delivered to your door or your office was a brilliant idea; I always thought that it would be expensive or