We Are ‘Pulse’.

We Are ‘Pulse’.

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed a change in usual programming when it comes to our posts of recent. It comes following a devastating massacre in the early hours of Sunday morning, whereby a gunman (I won’t be using his name; it’ll just showcase him as the martyr he

Mama’s Day

Despite S not wanting to make a fuss, we decided early on, before becoming parents, that she would always have a special day to herself that would celebrate how amazing she is click this site.    We also wanted to make sure T had a day to make cards and gifts for me as well

LGBT History Month – Featured Families: The Gayby Project. 

I have followed the ladies from The Gayby Project for a long time. They’re not only one of my favourite favourite bloggers, but we actually shared our bump time; with our beautiful sons only being 2-3 weeks apart! In addition to all this, not only are they a frickin rad couple (which you can see

LGBT History Month – Featured Families: Pauline Kirby (Pols80)

I haven’t followed Pauline for as long as other LGBT families but when I did I wish I’d done it sooner.  As someone with little to zero knowledge of transition, I’ve followed not only with great interest but with huge admiration.  Their journey together as a couple and a family has been a roller coaster

LGBT History Month – Featured Families: Jenni Tellyn. 

I’ve known Jenni since joining our local a Rainbow Families Facebook group. We are so glad we joined the group. Not only have we met a wonderful community of rainbow families, where meet ups and events are arranged regularly, but we have people to go to if we have questions specific to LGBT Families. As

LGBT History Month – Featured Families: My Two Mums

I’m pretty sure My Two Mums were the first same-sex family blog we followed when we first started out on our TTC journey. We hadn’t really come across many young same-sex families online, certainly not ones in England, so finding My Two Mums gave us hope right at the beginning. Back then, Clara and Kirsty