7 Month Update. 

T is now 7 months old!


This month emphasises why I should have started our milestones photos on our bed rather than the moses basket!

This month really has flown by, which I think is down to weaning as it’s made my days even busier than they were before! In addition to the usual jobs around the house, days when I’m out, boobing or playing with him, I’m now having to think about meals. Once one meal is done and cleaned up, I’m off to the next one once he’s boobed and (sometimes) napped in between.

I’m also having to prepare bits for the freezer every few days. Not because he’s eating it all, but because I just want some stable bits stored so I don’t have to make it fresh; whether it’s mashed potato or banana pancakes.

I’ve tried doing large batch cooking but it’s not often long before he needs another feed, or just some company, so I can’t get involved in too much, and I try and avoid “mum stuff” (if that makes sense) at weekends as I want to do family stuff!

Milestones wise, T quite happily sits unaided now. He rarely topples, but when he does it’s because he’s overreaching for something or the dog has barged past and knocked him over.

T still has no interest in rolling or moving at all which, I know, is a godsend as he stays where I put him, but at the same time this means he gets frustrated easily when he wants something. I’m not overly worried (yet) as he’s sitting up and his legs are incredibly strong when I stand him up on my legs. Knowing my luck he’ll just get up and walk one day.

Things are going suprisingly well sleep-wise. As mentioned last month, we introduced him to the cot in his room. The first night he woke 3 times every 3 hours, the next; twice every 5, and the next he slept through! We still every now and again get hiccups where he’ll wake shortly after being put down or really early like 4am, but after a quick plug of the dummy or a boob he’s then back off until 7am. I’m really impressed and genuinely didn’t think he would settle but, so far, it’s been alright!

These past few weeks have, by far, been my favourite time. He engages a lot more with the things you put infront of him; clearly trying to work it out, he communicates a lot better; albeit babbles, but now they’re not just screams. He no longer seems to be this “vulnerable” baby. Sure, you can’t leave him alone for more than 30 seconds but you can play a lot rougher now; not in the chinese burn kind of rough, but the (gently) throw up in the air game rough, or the rolling up and down in your arms game rough.

Although I’ll always miss it, I’m slowly dealing with the fact that our newborn baby is no longer here and, if anything, I’m starting to feel excited about what the next 6 months are going to bring (especially Christmas!). I just don’t want to look back one day and remember how I constantly felt sad about T growing up because he was no longer this or that. I actually want to look back and remember all the new and exciting things we experienced together, and how happy that made us. It really is a once in a lifetime experience, and I should enjoy it!


The Pod, by Mountain Buggy (Review) [AD]

When T was a newborn, going out for an early dinner or meeting S for lunch was relatively easy (once I got over feeding in public). Most of the time I was able to feed T before I went out (or give him a top up / one for the road) and once we’d got to our destination he’d be asleep in his pram or the wrap.

Now that he’s a bit older, and also weaning, going out for lunch is not such a simple task. Not only do you have to contend with a baby who doesn’t always want to sleep as planned, but they definitely don’t want to sit still on you whilst you eat your lunch. Plus, they want YOUR food.

Although these days you have a huge amount of restaurants and cafes that provide highchairs, if they’re all taken or if you’re in one of those restaurants that say they’re child friendly by providing meatballs and pasta as their kids meal option but their highchair looks like a weapon of torture or sits-a-mile-away-from-the-table-because-it’s-been-purchased-last-minute-and-not-with-the-table-in-mind, you’re pretty stumped.

That’s why I found The Pod by Mountain Buggy to be a really useful tool when eating on the go, making the majority* of restaurant tables adaptable to you.

The Pod is simply a fold away highchair, but the level of design makes it rather clever.

Firstly, it’s light and compact. It folds/collapses into a neat carry case that can be put in the bottom of your buggy, in your car boot, or in your rucksack.


To assemble, simply fold out the two brackets – like the ones you get in school woodwork class – and affix to the table you’re sitting at.


Because they’re screw clamps, you can fix the seat to most* tables; thick or thin. *The only tables you’re not recommended to use The Pod with are ones that don’t have four legs; such as tulip tables, don’t have solid legs; such as fold up tables, as well as round tables, or glass tables.

The chair is made out of a tough canvas and has a solid seat that the child sits on and a metal bar that runs around the back, acting as a spine. Once assembled, it’s a strong and sturdy chair that really isn’t going anywhere. Also, because it hangs from the tabletop, it doesn’t take up unnecessary room!


We’ve used it several times now. It was our seat for T whilst in the caravan on holiday (the ones you can hire really do have a life of their own) as well as in pubs, restaurants, and park benches for picnics. We also take it with us when we go to friend’s houses for dinner.

Even if T isn’t eating, it means he can sit with us rather than be left on his playmat or passed between laps. It means he’s always included, which is great whilst weaning, and at the same level as us no matter where we’re sitting (another issue with conventional highchairs!)

What I like most about the seat is that it will last T a long time. Because of the generous leg space, in comparison to other highchairs, and general strength of the seat, it’ll be able to hold T into toddlerhood and (maybe) beyond.

In the past, when we went out with friends who had kids, there was always this roulette of having to check whether the restaurant provided highchairs or even whether the place was too busy – a sure sign that all the highchairs will be in use. If they didn’t provide highchairs, or the place was too busy, we often had to a) go somewhere else, b) wait for a seat, or if we didn’t want option b) we had option c) which was leave the babies in the buggy; taking up lots of room. This solves these issues very simply.


We were kindly given The Pod for the purpose of a review but all thoughts and opinions of three product are our own. 

Our First Weaning Experience

We decided to start weaning roughly around T turning 6 months and us returning from our holiday. We could have started a bit earlier but we didn’t want to start something so new to going on holiday.

For the past month or so he’d been really interested in our food whether we were sat on the sofa or at the dinner table. From the moment we picked the food up he was on us like a hawk. If he was close enough he’d go for a grab. On top of this, he also got distracted easily when feeding – the milk wasn’t quite grabbing his attention at times.

So upon our return, we went to our local farm and stocked up on lots of veggies. We’ve decided to do a mix of baby-led weaning and mashed food as we’re keen on getting T used to flavours quickly but at the same time we also want him to get used to chewing and holding food in its natural form and shape early on. We have a spoon ready but most of the time it’ll be preloaded for him to feed himself.

Doing a mix means that food will become a meal sooner, filling him up, but he’ll also get used to varied flavours and textures at the same time. If it’s meant to be mashed it’ll be mashed, if not he can have it in it’s true form. We didn’t like the idea of baby rice. Not only does it look and taste horrible but there’s no actual harm in getting him straight on the adult food (within reason) as long as it doesn’t have added salt, sugars, honey, nuts, or Mercury based fish.

His first taste of food was mashed sweet potato and a sprig of broccoli.

I thought this would be a good start as there’s plenty of flavour and there was little choking hazard.

After rescuing quite a bit of broccoli from the pockets inside his cheek, he eventually got the hang of biting/sucking and then dealing with what was in his mouth. He ended up polishing it all off without wastage!

I’ll admit, it was a bit nerve wracking. I was so scared of T choking but he actually got used to it quite quickly. It’ll probably be a while before I give him anything that doesn’t naturally dissolve/melt, but even with this in mind I still have a nice, varied meals planned. I still need to read up on certain things but as far as I know he can have almost anything.

This week was sweet potato and sprigs of brocolli – I added sticks of cheese to the mix on Wednesday, and then carrots and tomatoes through the week. Next week will be poached pear with a variation of breadsticks, cucumber sticks, red pepper, or cauliflower. I really want to vary the textures and tastes.

At the moment we’re just doing lunches. I’m thinking of introducing a breakfast after two weeks but this may change. I’m also still breastfeeding on top of food – which can get confusing when it comes to timing, however it’s very much up to him whether he takes a boob. I tend to find giving him a feed 30-40 minutes before lunch at 12:30/1pm means that he’s not hungry but is open to the offer of food on his tray. We’re hoping to make weekends a bit different and offer T something from our plate instead of something just for him, this could be anything from lasagne to fish pie!

This is really fun, and considering I have issues with mess, the mess isn’t bothering me. If anything, the fun of weaning (choking aside) is calming me down.

There’s so many things I want T to try. I can’t wait to really explore.

What were your baby’s favourites? How did you conquer the fear of choking?


6 Month Update – A Very Happy Half Birthday!

Half a year has now passed since T arrived in the world. This. Is. Crazy.

Looking back through the months we’re amazed at the milestones he’s conquered. I often see newborns at the baby groups I go to and I can’t believe T was that small, that still, and that quiet! There’s no keeping his nattering to a halt these days!

Movement wise, T sits up almost  unaided.

If he starts to fall forward he’s able to bring himself back up again. Sideways motions, however, are a different story and he has no control whatsoever as he falls to the side. It’s very cute and I can’t help but watch him as it happens.

He still has no interest in rolling or any type of motion that’s not sat or lying still but I guess this will come in time – I’ve been told not to rush this as once they’re moving there’s no stopping them!

The biggest update though is that we’ve started weaning!!

From about 5 months T was interested in our food and pretty much grabbed anything we had. Anything in his hand went in his mouth and fingers weren’t safe from a good chomp, he also started to become easily distracted when he was feeding – so we couldn’t wait to start weaning!
We’ll be writing more about this soon as his first time with food was an experience!

T is still teething and now has his next set coming through either side of his front teeth. He’s not been too crabby overall but when he has a bad day it really is a bad day. Having teeth has helped the weaning process but if he catches the wrong tooth with some carrot, we sure know about it!

He’s still a good sleeper and often sleeps through, especially on days where we’ve been out. If he does wake in the night it’s usually because of a nappy but he goes straight back to sleep after a cuddle or a boob. He’s still in our room and in his moses basket as he wasn’t sleeping in the travel cot we set up in our room despite clearly being tired, we don’t think they’re particularly comfy anyway so we met in the middle and put his basket in the cot – this worked fine. Although he’s somewhere new, he still has his comforts.
Now he’s 6 months, we’re going to be introducing him to the cot in his room this weekend! It’s a scary thought as I’ve always had him next to me but he’s definitely getting too big for the basket, although he seems to like the confined space. As mentioned, we started introducing him to a bigger cot by having a travel cot in our room so it met in the middle but that didn’t work. We’re hoping by putting him in a comfier space he’ll be ok – we’ll see!

I know I say this every month but I don’t know where time is going. I can’t believe this chunk of a baby was once so small. I’m so proud of every achievement accomplished and milestone conquered – I really do take for granted the things we do so easily that are so difficult for babies. I forget that he once couldn’t even hold his head up let alone sit up, his coordination is there, not to mention communication! He really is a clever boy… we couldn’t be prouder!