The Week That Wasn’t Even The TWW

The Week That Wasn’t Even The TWW

If you follow us on Twitter, you would have seen that last week was one of the most confusing and stressful weeks. It started on CD12 (01/06) when we saw the flashing smiley face of hope. Everything was going to plan, we had 3 donations arranged with D for CD12, CD14, and CD16 which, according to

Insem #9

I’m feeling really positive this cycle. I know I shouldn’t but, if I truly am fixed, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t work. According to the fertility app, and previous cycles, I should ovulate between CD14 (03/06) and CD19 (08/06) so we have arranged for inseminations for CD12 (01/06), CD14 (03/06), and CD16

Back To The Drawing Board

The BFN and visit from Aunt Flo didn’t come as a huge surprise this cycle as it seems I did ovulate earlier than expected. Although I got a positive OPK the day before the insemination date, it seems I caught ovulation at it’s peak level before the drop, as apposed to before the peak –

Insem #8… I think…

So it’s been a while. A lot of you lovelies have messaged/tweeted us asking for updates, assuming our silence was good news but, unfortunately, no. We’ve just been poor at writing at the moment. Nevertheless, apologies for the false hope. It’s really lovely to receive messages from followers, especially as we never assume anyone reads


I’m now over the half way mark in regards to my Vitamin taking and it’s not been too bad, actually. The only trouble I’ve had is when I’m working late shifts and I have to come back to the office just to take a quick shot. It’s been hard as I’ve sometimes been in the middle

Kinesiology – A View From The Outside.

Well, K has told you her side of the visit to the Kinesiologist, now it’s my turn. As K has already mentioned, it is one of my amazing colleagues and friends that recommended we visit a Kinesiologist (which just happens to be her mum) to get K checked out.  Admittedly, she did suggest it over