The T(welve)WW

The T(welve)WW

The Twelve Week wait for me hasn’t been the most enjoyable experiences for me. Not for any reason related to nausea, tiredness, or sore boobs, no. Those things don’t bother me as it reminds me I’m pregnant (not that I’ve had any nausea, thank god). I’ve just been so scared of something going wrong. The twelve

My First Midwife Appointment

I arrived at the local children’s centre waaaaaay too early (as usual). We only live about 10 minutes walking distance from the place, but for some reason I left at least 30 minutes prior to wanting to be 10 minutes early incase they were running early – so I was at least 45 minutes early.

Symptom Spotting

For what it’s worth, and if it’s any help to others, I’ve thought back to during the time around my TWW. During the week whilst on holiday, and to be honest (now I think about it) a few days before holiday (DPO11+) I had noticed the following going on (in no particular order):- Sharp pains

The Week That Was Ours

I was on approximately CD27 (13DPO) when I went on holiday – I say approximately, as our app and I are in disagreements as to when I ovulated. I believe I ovulated on CD14 (06/07) due to the positive OPK’s and BBT dip, but the app believes I ovulated on CD16 (08/07). At first the


Within the TTC blogging world, I have found that there are roughly 3 “clubs”. The “Trying” club, the “Pregnant” club, and the “Mummy” club. During the TTC journey, we all belong in one of them but not all of them, sadly. Of course you can TTC AND be a mummy, I mean in a sense

The Week That Just Wasn’t Ours.

So Aunt Flo has come and gone following our last try. As expected, after a delayed ovulation, AF came right on time two weeks after actual ovulation. I’m always intrigued by how the body just ‘knows’ what to do at the right time. I wish it could tell us when it’s good and ready to