I’m currently 24w4d. I go on Christmas leave on the 18th December (just under two weeks to go!!!) and return to work on the 6th January, at which point I will have around 7-8 weeks until I go off on maternity leave for a year. I apparently have around 15w to go until beansprout makes


It’s December. I can’t believe it. I remember being with friends at Christmas and then sitting at home with S at New Year watching the fireworks like it was just yesterday – where has this year gone?! I say this every year, but this year has been especially fast. Like every year prior to that,

Hunger With a Side of Insecurity

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a bounty of questions come my way during pregnancy, the worst ones coming from women I rarely know – women who probably only found my name out a few weeks ago. During said week of stupid questions, I got this whopper:- Her: “So how much weight have you gained?” Inner

A Letter to Beansprout.

To my baby Beansprout, On Wednesday, we saw you for the last time before you arrive in this world properly. It was amazing, it was special, you are so beautiful. I know I’m biased but you really are – I will never stop telling you that. In the two times we’ve seen you (not enough


So here we are… You’ve read all the updates up until now – we feel terrible for not announcing as soon as possible, and keeping you guys in the loop, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to announce something amazing and then having to announce something terrible. We’d rather just announce the once. We hope you

The 1st Scan

How terrified were you in the run up to your first scan? Me…well what with all the heartbreaks K and I had endured with BFNs over the last 18 months, I was feeling pretty sick with fear that there wasn’t a baby there and that this was K’s body play a sick and cruel joke