Looking forward.

Looking forward.

Continuing my trend of always being fashionably late I thought I would take this opportunity now to write about what occurred over the past 12 months as well as what we have to look forward to. Most professional bloggers would have done this on the 31st or even the 1st. But as usual, I leave

Mind Games

There’s lots of things on my mind lately… Some good things and some bad things. The good thing (and the most important one) is that we’ve found a donor. The bad thing (and probably something I really should’t be concerned about) is my health. I’ve always been worried about my general health and now even

Pride Angel

If you haven’t ever heard of PrideAngel, here’s a snippet from their website:- “Pride Angel is a UK limited company founded by professional scientists Erika and Karen and a member of the gay business association. With personal experience of donor conception and raising children within a lesbian relationship, together they are committed to helping single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples become parents

Hiccup Number 1

So our donor pulled out yesterday… Apparently, they loved their girlfriend too much and it would have felt like cheating. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a heartless cow; I completely understand where they are coming from… something like this is huge and probably life changing and in some way (now), I can understand

It begins…

It’s been just over a month now since we got married and since that day; life has been an absolute whirlwind. The purchasing of several hundred ovulation sticks, a piss-pot, a thermometer and multi-vitamins has taken place and at the moment, I am currently waking up at 05:00 (EVERY MORNING!!) to take my temperature. This,