The Breastfeeding Chronicles - My Feeding Station -


The only thing I can add is that depending on your phone (mines a samsung) you can get an app that works the telly! Perfect for when your remote is left next to the cold cuppa in the kitchen (that may be just be tho!)

lesbemums says:

That’s amazing. Very cool!!

Oh the memories! I found myself getting really good at multi task nursing, so I would cradle her with one arm, nursing, while still being able to run to the bathroom before exploding…! Now that I’m not nursing 24/7 I can’t appreciate how awful that might sound!

Oh yes! This is so familiar! I was (am) a big leaker, so I always made sure I had a nursing pad or my hand pump on hand before feeding.

icegemz says:

Oh bless! I’m so glad my feeding station days are gone! I always made sure I had snacks. Especially dusting growth spurts! You could be there for days! A good TV box set is essential too, put it on after homes under the hammer finishes!

lesbemums says:

Hahaha!!! Yes! My day usually consists of going between the Good Food Channel and the Home channel. I probably watch about 5 episodes of Escape to the Country a day.

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