The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Expressing

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  1. AndiePants says:

    3-6oz is GREAT!

    1. Oh. Is it? I’m sure he drinks more than that a day which means I’d have to provide 2-3 pouches for a babysitting nana. It’s very confusing.

      1. AndiePants says:

        I get 3-4oz a pump session, and he drinks about 8-10oz while I’m at work for an 8 -9 hour day. Breastfed babies of any age well drink 24-32 oz in a 24 hour period, so you can usually guess to leave 1-1.5oz per hour you’re away. Most babies drink 3-5oz at a go.

  2. AndiePants says:

    But keep in mind you probably won’t be gone every day like I am! I built my freezer stash (it’s about 70oz now) by pumping once a day during maternity leave. Now I pump daily at work so whatever he eats, I replace. And, you’d need to pump to replace whatever is given while you’re away to keep your supply adequate. If you’re mostly going to be with bub you don’t need to have much -‘a 3oz bottle give you dinner out with your wife!

    1. That’s very true. I guess I’m just taking any cluster feeding into consideration but I forget that a 3-4oz bottle straight out gives the same amount out as a 2-3hour cluster feed (if that makes sense?)
      I just worry it won’t be enough.

      I’m trying to express once a day but i just don’t seem to be given the time by T. Just when I think I’ve got his timing down he starts demand feeding. I’m also not skilled enough to feed and express at the same time. lol.

      Thanks, lovely. X

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