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It was utterly wonderful to meet you and Martha was more than happy to be sniffed! I’m actually pretty glad I only went to one session because many just focus so much on seo and making money that it doesn’t suit my blog. Socialising wad the name of the game!xx

I’m so envious of you all. It’s just not practical for me this year, but I’m definitely coming next year all being well. I hope you go again too, would be lovely to meet you.

Kate Everall says:

Definitely! I’d love to say hi. Perhaps I’ll see you at another blogger meet up?

Nice to eventually meet you and hang out, even if you did think I was avoiding you :p Pleased you had fun, but a shame you didn’t get much from the sessions. This was my 3rd conference, and to be honest, I’ve never really learnt much and don’t speak to the brands, so it’s all about catching up with friends for me. Hopefully see you at another in the not too distant future 🙂

Donna says:

I was so, so good to meet you!! It sounds like you had a great time too. Same time next year?! x

Kate Everall says:

Fingers crossed! X

Yes I agree about the breakout sessions, definitely weren’t as useful as I had hoped. By far the best part of the event was meeting so many wonderful people – for that reason I think they should definitely bring back the two day format….we needed more time! So pleased I met you, albeit SO briefly. You’ve taken some brilliant photos. I took 3, 2 of which are dreadful… xxx

Kate Everall says:

I hope they put it back to two days as well – the one day just flew, I felt like I didn’t get time to seek everyone out to say hi.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you, hopefully meet you again soon. X

I didn’t go, but it’s interesting to hear about it from people who did. It seems like the people who had the best time are those who went purely for the socialising and not so much for the sessions or with expectations of learning anything. Maybe future events shouldn’t bother with this and just make it one big party?

That said, I do think that there’s a value in being reminded that you know more than you thought you did, and perhaps you are further along in your blogging journey than you realised. That’s got to be a good confidence boost, surely?

Kate Everall says:

You’re totally right. It did feel good, although I’m not sure if want to pay the ticket price for that pleasure.

I definitely think the social aspect was the main contributor to the fun, and maybe the cake! If I took anything away from BML16 it’s that im not alone and that we were all at the same stage once.

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