Meet My #BML16 Sponsor!

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Kate Everall

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  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises says:

    That tagline is great! So very true! Well done on getting a great sponsor and hope to meet you there 🙂

  2. Sarah Rooftops says:

    We love Cheeky Wipes. We use them to wash Matilda’s hands and face (and currently wipe her nose) because a Cheeky Wipe and water is so much gentler on her skin than baby wipes (and cuter, too).

    1. Kate Everall says:

      Exactly. That’s why’ve love them – they’re just that bit tougher than baby wipes. Plus, they actually make the room smell nice (ironically!).

  3. I cannot wait to meet you!!! Eeeek so excited! AND what an awesome sponsor! x

    1. Kate Everall says:

      DITTO! I may get a little squeaky when I meet you. So so excited. X

  4. Wave to Mummy says:

    Great sponsor – I wanted to try reusable wipes with my little one (as we did the cloth nappy route) but wasn’t sure if it would work. Will defo try with the next baby 😀 hope you have a great time at the conference and if you spot me say hi! I’m going too and getting v excited about it 🙂

  5. Cora Harrison says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m totally excited to meet you both at BML16… You’ve been a huge inspiration and admiration for our future venture into parenthood!

    Congrats on the sponsor, I love me some organic, environmentally friendly products!



    1. Kate Everall says:

      Hey! Thank you for your lovely words – it’ll be great to meet you too. Looking forward to following your journey. X

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