Pride Angel

If you haven’t ever heard of PrideAngel, here’s a snippet from their website:-

“Pride Angel is a UK limited company founded by professional scientists Erika and Karen and a member of the gay business association. With personal experience of donor conception and raising children within a lesbian relationship, together they are committed to helping single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples become parents through donor conception and co-parenting. Pride Angel is dedicated to matching sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents worldwide.”

S was the one who had heard of PrideAngel through various Tweets and word of mouth conversations, however we never really had a look as to be honest, we thought we had already found our donor and was set on the idea of having someone we know donate sperm and if I am being honest, the thought of having a look through various male personnel profiles to shop for sperm wasn’t my idea of fun as I wasn’t confident that the website wouldn’t contain a selection of loons wanting to spread their seed.

However, now things have drastically changed we decided to have a look around, and we are 100% glad we did because as soon as we registered and started to have a look around we automatically saw that the creators of the site had not only spent a lot of time making it look clean and fresh (once you eventually ignore what the site is all about) but it was inviting and very helpful. To example one thing, the colour scheme of the website is fresh and it doesn’t make what you are looking for at all seedy which, I guess, is something I expected to see.

As well as the look, the amount of (free) information and guidance that they provide is astounding not to mention the further help that they are willing to provide if you pop them an email, just to make sure that you find your perfect donor.

In addition to this, they’re clear on the rules and quite simply only really have one main rule. To quote a recent Tweet, they stated “... we do not allow NI (Natural Insemination) and suspend those offering…” Looking further through their FAQ’s (for both recipients and donor’s) the information is clear and informative but at the same time gives you plenty of options.

To say PrideAngel had given us some hope was an understatement. It was just what we were looking for and after no time at all searching we have found some pretty nice and genuine people who simply want to help those in need.

Now, I don’t want to put all my eggs (pardon the pun) in one basket or get my hopes up, but I genuinely feel that PrideAngel could be our key… Let’s see.


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