Kinesiology – My Results.

Following on from our previous post, Kinesiology is in the same family as acupuncture. It visits certain “points” on your body that are linked to organs to see if they are weak by combining the application of pressure on these points with movement. You can address these weaknesses in the form of exercise and/or chemical enhancements in a matter of weeks.

So after pulling and pushing me for over an hour last week, as well as finding out what minerals I was lacking and what minerals my body couldn’t process, I found out that I had several hormone imbalances and, quite shockingly, genetic issues.

In brief, I was found to have weak ovaries, an over active thyroid, too much oestrogen and a poor production of progesterone (which S had already thought of because my BBT’s never remained that high during fertilisation  which should happen when progesterone takes over from the oestrogen). I also can’t process Folic Acid which means that the 2 years worth of Folic Acid I’d been taking was just being pooped out the other end because my body wasn’t processing it. Combine these all together and I’m pretty fucked when it comes to wanting to produce children. The positive thing is that I have healthy eggs and the like, they just can’t bed down with the boys because of the lack of progesterone.

On top of this, and what hit me the most, is when Kathryn advised me that because of the hormone imbalance that cannot process Folic Acid, if I were to ever fall pregnant it is likely that my child would have Spina Bifida due to a genetic issue she found. This shocked me the most, even on top of knowing that I, although not infertile, cannot produce children due to the lack of progesterone anyway.

Apparently, you can be susceptible to this or just be a carrier. Apparently, my family are carriers but because of Folic Acid, it has reduced the chances of it showing during pregnancy. So if my progesterone production was fine and I were to conceive, because my body cannot process Folic Acid, I would 100% have a child with Spina Bifida. This was heartbreaking to hear.

So, to address these issues, I am now taking the following minerals in water for a course over 6 weeks – making my kitchen look like a meth lab.

NADH (B3) – 100 Drops
Iodides – 5 Drops
Selenium – 40 Drops

P5P (B6) – 60 Drops
Selenium – 40 Drops

Late Evening
Folic Acid – 110 Drops


Apparently, once the course is complete I will be completely fixed. How it works, I have no idea – I was too busy processing my results to listen to the science behind each mineral and how they combat certain issues. Kathryn stressed that they were not extra “vitamins” for added goodness, they really are minerals that I need to make parts of my body kickstart like a motorboat engine.

Again, back to my skepticism, I cannot believe that something so serious can be “fixed” with the consumption of minerals alone but apparently it can. I’m willing to give anything a go, but I’m so fearful of wasting precious time or wasting my time trying things when really they’re not fixable at all.

I guess these two posts will sit in the review section if it does work, but for now it will stay as entry as part of our journey.


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