Kinesiology – A View From The Outside.

Well, K has told you her side of the visit to the Kinesiologist, now it’s my turn.

As K has already mentioned, it is one of my amazing colleagues and friends that recommended we visit a Kinesiologist (which just happens to be her mum) to get K checked out.  Admittedly, she did suggest it over a year ago and now we are kicking ourselves about not booking it sooner.  Had we followed her advice we could have had a little person by now!

So after the umpteenth time of being told, I went ahead and contacted Kate (Kathryn).  We had to wait two weeks for an appointment as she was fully booked, however we didn’t mind waiting as this gave me a huge amount of hope that we were doing the right thing (surely if it doesn’t work, you wouldn’t be so busy). Also, another colleague of mine has seen her for fertility issues, and now has a 3 yr old son.

Finally our appointment day was upon us.  K was adamant that she wanted me to go with her, so I managed to switch my day working from home so I could be there waiting for her to arrive home from work. We didn’t want to be late, so we left plenty of time to drive the short 30 minutes to Handcross, Sussex. This meant having to hang around in a cold car for quite some time before our appointment.

Whilst waiting, for some unknown reason I became incredibly nervous about the appointment, whilst K was surprising upbeat and excited about meeting the woman who could potentially identify what was wrong with her.
So with the time of our appointment rapidly approaching we made our way down the narrow alleyway at the side of Kate’s home to the rear of the property to her consultation room.

The waiting room was small and cosy with 2 chairs, a few brochures and a plant, we weren’t in there for long, before we were called in.  The consultation room was plain with old medicine cabinets and medical posters on the wall.  The desk had trays and trays of tiny vials. I was desperate to ask what they were, but there was no need as it was not long before we would find out.

Kate asked K a long list of questions regarding her health and family history and as to why we were visiting her.  She then explained in great detail about Kinesiology, and the process that we were about to go through. To be perfectly honest, a lot of it went over our heads at first, but as she started work it all made sense.

First move was to get K to lay on the bed (with her shoes off).  She then proceeded to see how responsive K’s muscles were to the commands she was giving.  She was shocked to find she couldn’t get a response which meant until she found the reason for this, we couldn’t go any further.
Kate instructed K to lay completely flat with her feet straight.  She instantly saw what was wrong.  K was all crooked (which I found hilarious). With 1 leg longer than the other, her hips were lop sided, as was her head.  This meant that the nerves were trapped down one side of her body and thats why her body wasn’t responding.

Kate then proceeded to straighten K out, and with in a matter of minutes her legs were equal her hips were straight and her head was sitting normally again, and now Kate could start to identify what was wrong.

She checked K for stress and other emotional elements, surprisingly K isn’t suffering from any seeing as we’ve had a pretty stressful few months and her job can get quite stressful. She then proceeded to check K for weaknesses around the body by testing using the muscle in her thigh – sadly it turns out K has quite a few, too many to name.

Once Kate had found the weaknesses, she still needed to find out what was effecting them.  After a few minutes with a lot of prodding and moving K’s leg she found it was her hormones that were severely unbalanced. Thankfully, this is something that is easy to treat (normally).

Now having found this all out, it was time to find the cause of the hormone imbalance – again, a few minutes later after testing the various points, she established it was her Thyroid. We now had 50/50 chance of this being something she could treat or something we would have to see our GP for. Luckily for us it turns out to be an overactive thyroid that is causing the issues by not allowing the body to provide the nutrients to where they are needed.  If it had been an under active Thyroid, there would be potentially very little she could do depending on the damage to it.

So, over the course of one hour, Kate had established the affected areas, the reason and the cause; which means she could now start to look at what K needed to fix her, but first she needed to find out what colour person K is (yes this bit sounds strange. There are 3 colours (all primary), your colour is determined by your parents colours). I’m not really sure why this is, but it’s apparently a key part of the process. Before she even started on this she predicted K would be a red person, and it turned out to be correct.  Red means you have a high chance of issues like heart disease, Blue means you are likely to have a high chance of being intolerant to Dairy plus other issues – we never found out what the others were (perhaps we will at a later date).  Because of K’s colour, she advised her of what foods she should eat and those that she should try to stay away from.

With the issues and colour established, Kate proceeded to test K for the specific hormones that she was lacking.  This is where the vials come in to play. Basically, your body is a magnet and each vial contains a mineral or element that the human today needs.

She placed a vial at a time on K’s navel and tested her. If K was lacking the element, the vial would make her stronger and she would be able to resist the pull from Kate. If she didn’t need it, it would make her weak. This process went on for what felt like a lifetime, but eventually she established everything that K was missing.

The question was how much was she missing… to be honest the list was so long we can’t even really remember all of it, we just remember it sounding incredibly bad.

The session was now moving into the final phase, what K needed to fix her body. Kate started again with the vials, this time testing for the doses of the missing minerals. This is where it gets really weird.
She placed the mineral back on the navel and started to pull Kate’s muscles counting the responses to determine the doses. She then released the suppression points on K’s body to release the muscle and started to count how often she would need the dose.

This also went on for quite some time. K’s lacking so much that she has quite an intense schedule of meds some of which she needs for 2 weeks others she needs for 8 weeks.  The prescription was written and we were instructed to call the company first thing to place the order. Considering the amount prescribed, this didn’t cost too much.

Meds Timetable

Kate then finished the session by telling us in 4 weeks we would be able to start trying to conceive again, but for the time being we must refrain as one of the issues K has could cause severe issues with the baby if we were to fall pregnant before she has been fixed.

We are booking a check up appointment for 6 weeks after our first appointment to ensure K is back to normal.

Kate has helped 55 other couples deal with fertility issues that have all ended with the successful conception of a child. We have our fingers, legs and toes crossed that this works for us, but at least we now know why it hasn’t so far. K doesn’t feel at a total loss and can see light at the end of the tunnel – I just hope this is the answer.

I was so impressed with the process, that in the near future I will be booking myself in for an MOT. As a very methodical person, I liked how Kinesiology works from the start (in this instance, Kate’s wonkiness) and then builds up to the issue in hand, making sure nothing alone the way is missed as this will, in turn, just put you back to the beginning again.

I highly recommend giving your local Kinesiologist a go.

S x

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  1. pepibebe says:

    Hmmmm interesting, there is a local kinesiologist near where we live that some people have recommended I see, but with me already spending all our money on every other possible fertility related natural health treatment I’d decided not to try that too. Perhaps I should…

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