Insem #8… I think…

So it’s been a while. A lot of you lovelies have messaged/tweeted us asking for updates, assuming our silence was good news but, unfortunately, no. We’ve just been poor at writing at the moment. Nevertheless, apologies for the false hope. It’s really lovely to receive messages from followers, especially as we never assume anyone reads our ramblings – but obviously you do. Thanks. I promise though, I will keep updating as much as we can – if we go silent again, then it may be good news as I’m quite the superstitious person.

Since visiting Kate the Kinesiologist, I finished my meds and got the green flag to start trying again. Annoyingly, I finished my meds just after ovulation which meant I was just shy of possibly getting a try in after completing. Nevertheless, as with every cycle missed, or BFN received, it’s another month’s worth of savings in the bank.

We still have my outlaws staying with us (hopefully not for too long now as they signed the contracts to their new home yesterday) which has meant baby talk between S and I, has been minimal. Surprisingly, this has helped me along the waiting process as the baby blues haven’t been on my mind.

It’s been stressful, I must admit, but I have now come to realise how lucky I am to live on my own (like an adult) with my wife. I must have really taken for granted how lucky I was before, because now all I want is some alone time! Although at the same time, I’m desperate to no longer just be a family of two, but having the outlaws stay is not a suitable replacement!

Timing wise, the outlaws couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s not like we were trying so there hasn’t been an awkwardness about chucking them out of the house every month. If I can gain one good thing from the experience of having them stay, it’s been that they’ve kept me busy throughout the duration of taking my meds.


Now we can start trying again, we’ve arranged to see the Donor tomorrow evening – which is neat timing as I got the smiley face of hope (I hope) this morning*.


*Whilst I’m on the subject, I don’t know why or how, but I seemed to be ovulating rather early this month. I usually ovulate between the 12th-15th of every month, however today is clearly not even close. Tomorrow’s donation would have been perfect, bearing in mind the little guys can survive for a few days, but now I feel we’re cutting it close. S still thinks we have a good chance, but I’m not so sure. So with this in mind, I’m not hopeful for tomorrow, but every try is worth it I guess.

Before we try tomorrow, I’m going to be eating a ton of pineapple ( – scroll down to almost the bottom) and iron based foods such as spinach and tender stem broccoli.

Wish us luck!


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