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When I first started writing this post I giggled to myself and thought that with all my pregnancy complaints I wouldn’t actually be able to find things I’d actually miss. That, however, soon became a lie when I started thinking back over these past 9 months…

Not seeing Aunt Flo – For all the niggles that come with pregnancy, this one has got to be my favourite. I must have saved a fortune on tampons! I know it’ll make up for itself once Fidget arrives but it’s been nice not having a visit from AF every month.

Back Rubs – S hates giving massages and I’ll give her her dues, she does suffer from RSI – so a massage is probably the worst thing she can do apart from play on our xbox, but over the past few months she has been amazing at rubbing my back even without me asking. I’m going to miss being able to pull the pregnancy card on this one.

Getting out of certain jobs around the house – Lets face it, who likes changing the bin? I don’t, but I got on with. Being pregnant, however, has now meant I got out of it pretty early on as the smell of it turned my stomach. As I got larger, things that then required bending over such as the bottle recycling bank, weeding the garden, and vacuuming the car were not for me. Score! I do, however, make up for it in making sure all the washing and cleaning is done (incase you’re reading this, S).

My Belly – I know on my last post I mentioned the attention my belly and said pregnancy got me, and some people have said some stupid curious things about my belly whilst I’ve been pregnant, but this aside I’ve still enjoyed having it around. It’s comforting and something really unique, and I’m sure when you see a fellow preggo you get a secret little wink that says “Yeah… I know”.

Nice skin, hair, and nails! For the first time in a year I haven’t had the urge to bite my finger nails and in return, I’ve got nails… nice nails. My hair also doesn’t need as much washing, and my skin seems soft for a change as it usually dries up over the colder months!

Not caring what I looked like when going out – This feeling was a first for me as I usually made sure my hair was at least done, but this went out the window when I fell pregnant and will probably remain when Fidget arrives. The amount of times I went out with old trainers on with the first pair of maternity jeans I could find, and bed hair – classy!

Indulging – Let me start by saying that I have been so good during this pregnancy, I’ve continued my healthy eating and always made sure I’ve had more than 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day…. HOWEVER, if I’ve fancied something naughty like a cake or a chocolate bar, I’ve bloody well done it and not felt guilty about it either! I haven’t over done it but I’ve made the most of it at the same time. I know as soon as Fidget arrives I’ll be back on my bike and back on my usual diet… or I’ll at least forget to eat, so it’s all good!

Napping – I could never nap before as it would wake me up for the evening and I would have trouble sleeping later, but being pregnant found me a new love – napping. It really was amazing.

Being alone with S – I’ve had 8 years of this, and now that I’m pregnant the realisation has kicked in that we will never be alone again… ever. Sure, we may sneak in the occasional hour after bedtime, or a date night, but I mean properly alone where all we needed to worry about was us. It’s a bit odd, seeing as we spent so long trying to change that, but I guess you never realise what you had until it’s going soon – not that I regret anything! But, you know what I mean…

Knowing my baby is relatively safe – Inside me they get everything on tap; blood, oxygen, food, you name it. When they leave their little room of requirement however, it’s up to us to make sure they’re safe, fed, and well. It’s a huge responsibility.

Of course no post like this won’t come without it’s sentimental side, and of course the things I’ll probably miss the most about being pregnant is seeing my baby grow by the size of my belly and feeling my baby move and kick. I can’t wait to see them move and kick in front of my eyes, and be able to physically touch them, but having them do all this inside me has been a special moment just between us and I’ll definitely miss it.

What did you miss about being Pregnant?


Cheap Tramadol From India

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the Pregnancy. It’s an experience like no other and it really does challenge you mentally and physically. However, it goes without saying that regardless of this, there have still been some experiences I won’t miss…

SPD & Back Pain – This, by far, is my biggest pregnancy gripe. My back and later on, SPD, has exhausted me. It’s stopped me dead in my tracks and wiped days from underneath me. I haven’t been able to walk the dog as much – something I am sure the dog is holding against me – or been able to just walk around town like I used to. It frustrates me even more on days I have tons of energy and should be putting it to good use. I thought going to gym before pregnancy would have strengthened my back, but I guess nothing can prepare your body for this.

Panty-liners – Probably a little TMI, but I’m sure I’m not the only pregnant person that suffered with leakage of every kind during pregnancy.

Sleepless nights – I know, I know, I know. Those won’t go away once Fidget arrives, but my logic is that the sleepless nights will soon be because someone needs me and not because I need to pee for the fourth time or because my hips can’t take the weight anymore. I’ll have something to get up in the middle of the night for! You really do need to make the most out of sleep before pregnancy!

Being afraid to say something – I’m quite an outspoken person and if someone ever said something negative to me or S I would have no qualms about giving them an earful. Falling pregnant, however, seemed to not only put invisible tape on my mouth but I sometimes became very very anxious when I was out on my own. I don’t know why this happened, but I guess Pregnancy makes you feel more vulnerable.

The constant hunger – As someone who worked hard to lose weight, it really irked me when all the healthy things I continued to eat didn’t fill me up, and all I wanted was Peanut Butter on Toast. Pretty much until 7-8 months, I was always hungry even though I know I had eaten enough that morning.

The stupid questions – Pregnancy seems to open you up for all sorts of questions, quite personal ones sometimes – so this is certainly something I won’t miss.

Peeing! All. The. Time. And even the feeling of needing to pee and nothing coming out – thanks Fidget.
P.s. Peeing Normally!! – At 9 months now, I have to sometimes physically lift my belly to free my bladder that although is bursting to release, it can’t because someone is kindly using it as a pillow.

Hormones – Not something we talk about at home as I hate thinking (and being treated like) I’m being irrational and unreasonable purely because of hormones, but lets face it. I have been effected by hormones. Sometimes I’ve just wanted a cry for no reason. I’ve probably cried more in the past 9 months than I have in the past 8 years with S. So that’s hormones for you.

My favourite clothes not fitting me – I enjoyed getting new clothes, but I miss my old ones. The new ones are nice but they don’t suit me. I miss my chinos, my t-shirts, shirts, and jumpers. Maternity clothes have done me well, but I’m looking forward to getting back into my own style.

Being able to reach below my belly. Tying shoe laces, shaving, stroking our cats (Yes! The cats! We have two cats! Don’t be rude!), and even being able to see below my belly so I don’t trip over the dog when coming down stairs went out the window at 7 months.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone had told me or shown me how my pregnancy would be before even falling pregnant, I’d still do it. Nothing even compares to the journey of Pregnancy and if I could choose to do it all over again, I totally would – I guess I’m a sucker for pain.


Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk

It’s no shock that I’m overdue, most first babies are. But when you’re told that you could possibly have your baby from 37w (full gestation), you kinda start to prepare yourself for the arrival at any moment. It’s been 3 weeks since 37w and I feel no closer to seeing this baby than I did several weeks ago.

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve felt the occasional tightening, where it feels like a balloon is being pumped up inside my bump, and I’ve had cramping on and off, but nothing that would indicate that baby is on their way. Maybe all the tightenings and cramping is baby on their way but I assumed I would feel a lot more “going on”. Not that I’m complaining, as I’ve heard it smarts, but it’s all pretty relaxed at the moment.

Buying Tramadol In Mexico

I had my Midwife appointment last Friday (27th – 40w1d) and I’ve been booked in for a sweep for Friday 3rd (41w1d) and if that doesn’t work I’m being induced on Tuesday 7th (41w5d). It would be nice to have beansprout before this weekend as it’ll mean S will sneak a few extra days on top of her paternity leave for free, but I’m not so sure it’ll happen.

My midwife is awesome and probably would have booked me in a lot sooner for my sweep and then induction but because of the Easter bank holidays they now have limited availability this week (although the clinic I’m going into on the Friday is apparently for special appointments anyway as it’s technically a bank holiday) so the next available date for me is the Tuesday.

Fingers and toes crossed I have our baby a lot sooner, as I’m not really looking forward to the sweep, but knowing my luck I’ll go all the way to induction.


Online Tramadol Australia

I’ve been on maternity leave for two weeks now and still have a week and a half until fidget’s due date. I thought I would go stir crazy, but it so far it’s not been too bad.

Maternity leave is still such an alien thing to me as well as not going back to work. I’m used to having 3-4 days off from work in a row so it’s not the time off I’m not used to, it’s the fact I’m not going back at all for at least a year!
I’m also so used to cramming jobs in on my rest days that I’m finding it difficult to now spread the load so that I don’t a) over do it early on and b) have nothing to do by week 4!

So far, the last two weeks have consisted of;

Cleaning (Of course it would consist of cleaning – you all must know me well enough by now). Apart from days when I need to hoover; which is sometimes an all day task if I do the whole house as well as the dusting/polishing in between, I’m making myself spread out certain yearly tasks (like clearing out the cupboards and cleaning them, cleaning the extractor fan above the oven, etc.) to throughout the whole week so I give myself just the one thing to do in a day.

Out of nowhere I’ve found things to write about as well as the time to do it.

Again, because I now don’t have to cram housework into my rest days, I have time to read. At the moment, I’m reading the second Game of Thrones book and A Casual Vacancy.

To keep my brain active, I’ve been regularly raiding our cook books to find new meals to serve the wife for when she gets home from work. So far, I’ve cooked a range of soups, pies, as well as played/improved old recipes.

I think I’ve probably packed, unpacked, and re-packed my maternity bag a few times and to be honest, I still don’t know if I have everything. I also have a bag for fidget, as well as a third bag that contains snacks, books, iPad, iPod, and stuff for S.

Catchup TV
When I’m not doing the above, I’m simply trying to catch up on boxsets that I’ve never got round to watching and should do. So far, I’ve watched Season 1 of The Wire (the remaining seasons were then deleted when our Sky box got upgraded – ARGH! – and now I can’t get them back because Sky have deleted them from On Demand – ARGH!!), Seasons 1-2 of Sherlock (still waiting for Season 3), Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother, and I’m currently watching Hannibal. Any recommendations would be great. I’m quite keen to start Downton Abbey and Broadchurch.

Over the next few weeks, so I don’t go stir crazy, I also hope to also pop out and see some friends and family.

After all this, I should have then finally passed my due date. With this, I will no doubt want remain inside… just incase. Maybe I’ll re-pack my maternity bag again.


Tramadol Usaonline Biz

A few weeks ago, we met with Megan from Tramadol Cheap Uk, to take pictures of us and bump.

How it was arranged went something like this; Megan got retweeted by Tramadol Bula Anvisa when she tweeted a picture of her beautiful rabbit Athena munching on an empty graze box, I tweeted Megan commenting on said cute Athena, and from there we started chatting!

During the conversation, we got to know that Megan is a photographer and is always looking for new innovative projects for her portfolio. At this point Megan asked whether we would be interested in letting her take some pictures of us as she was really keen to have a same sex-couple in her portfolio – a pregnant couple was a bonus! Straight away, without even considering whether she may have been an axe-murderer*, we said yes. *Megan, of course, isn’t an axe-murderer and is a lovely, bubbly person who clearly enjoys her work. 

Bump/maternity photos were always something we had wanted to do, as we think it’s a nice way of capturing the time (but more professionally) but never thought we’d be able to afford it, so we weren’t going to miss this opportunity – plus I’m all for promoting all things same-sex. One snag was that Megan was based in Manchester (a long long way from Brighton!) so we wondered how this was going to work however that quickly became irrelevant as Megan was more than happy to come down to Brighton! Perfect!

So after a few more email exchanges we met one cold and wet afternoon in Brighton, had a coffee, and then created a good 300 photos around Brighton. Here are a handful of some of our favourites:-

When we sat down and viewed them I was struck speechless. I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked – not because of anything Megan would do but more so because of me. I enjoy photos being taken (more so than S) but unless I take 20 or so pictures around the one I’m happy with, I often up looking like this…

Tramadol Online Sale


Or this…

Order Tramadol American Express

Plus, the weather in Brighton that day was miserable pretty much all day until about 20 minutes before we were meant to finish, so with this in mind I didn’t know whether gloomy weather would work out, but it really did.
To say we are happy with Megan’s work, is an understatement! You don’t have to agree, but we think they’re absolutely amazing.

Megan does everything from maternity to baby photoshoots, as well as a bump to baby package which is a package made up of 5 photoshoots that captures photos from bump, through to newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month (something we will definitely be purchasing one fidget arrives).

Also, one of the most impressive things about Megan as a photographer is that she is one of the only photographers I know to give the customers full rights to the photos, ie. Not having an annoying watermark on the photos you get back from the photographer (of course until you purchase them). This is something I rarely see in the photography world.

If you’re thinking of getting bump photos done, I’d highly recommend having a look at her Tramadol Legal To Buy Online – she is generally willing to travel and will definitely make the day special!


*We were given the opportunity for a free bump/maternity photoshoot for the purpose of adding to Megan’s portfolio, however regardless of this this review has come from the bottom of our hearts and is an honest one.

Megan also took a long time to create these beautiful pictures, so please do not copy or reproduce these photos without our permission.

Thank you.