The Massage Company, Tunbridge Wells (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

Last week, I was invited to The Massage Company in Tunbridge Wells to try out their new branch which has recently opened. Seeing as Tunbridge Wells isn’t that far from where we are, I thought I’d drop T off with his nana on one of my days off and treat myself. Plus, I’d never had a massage before – which is apparently quite odd – so this was a whole new experience!

I’ve always wanted to have a massage, however it’s not really something Sharon would want to do as a couple and the thought of a stranger touching me made me a little anxious; so I’ve never really got round to having one myself. Plus, I didn’t actually know you could get massages outside of the ‘Spa Day’ or Hotel Stay, however The Massage Company changes this. They believe in having regular massages as a form of therapy to help with stress or aid recovery.

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