Toddlers: Getting Away With Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

The other day, I was eating a cheese sandwich when the toddler came over and took a bite from the end – the other end was in my hand heading towards my mouth. Sitting there is disbelief at his confidence and boundary crossing I carried on with lunch, after all; I was sat on the floor so anything below the sofa is fair game for toddlers right?

The day before that, his first words on the monitor that morning were “MUMMY! POO!”. The week before that, Oscar got a finger in the eye. I’ve also had several occasions in public where T has reminded me that his bowels are on the move or the apple he’s eating is no good for him and is therefore a good projectile or that the woman sat next to him on the bus is “bleugh”. I don’t know about you, but if I did half the things that T does these days I’d either be arrested, sectioned or thumped. How can they get away with it?

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