Decorating T’s Bedroom with Kids Prints: A Review

Living in rented accommodation means we’re limited in choice when it comes to decoration. Sure, we can add fabrics and nice frames to make our home more ‘us’ but, for me, I like defining each room with it’s own colour or character. In my imaginary home I have a chalk board painted chimney breast in the kitchen and our office it clean white everywhere with wooden floorboards. Every room is different and has its own character.

Thankfully, our home isn’t garish – far from it – it’s cream and magnolia everywhere, even the carpets. Over time we’ve added red curtains in the lounge and a lot of rainbow in the form of bunting and toys in T’s bedroom, but behind all that is still the same old bland cream. So when we were invited to test out some new vinyl stickers by Kids Prints for T’s bedroom we were keen to give them a go in a way to spruce up his room for Spring – it hadn’t changed since he was born after all.

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Watery Fun with Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table: A Review

Although we love exploring the great outdoors, we always try and make the most out of our garden – despite it’s size and the fact that it’s on a slight incline. We know we are incredibly lucky to have a garden, so why not use it. Plus, T is still of an age where he doesn’t give two hoots whether he’s out or at home, just as long as he’s kept busy.

As you know, T is a complete water baby. This is evident in the fact that he can’t not splash in puddles, he adores bath times, and give him a bottle of water and a few cups and you’ve lost him for at least 20 minutes. So when we were offered to try out Little Tikes’ new ‘Fountain Factory Water Table‘ we knew it would be a hit with him.

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Alternative Uses for a Babymule

One of the best finds on the parenting market has got to be the Babymule changing bag. I’ve written before how brilliant it is and I stick by that. It has plenty of room, it’s comfortable to wear, and it’s design is perfect for those that perhaps don’t suit the design of highstreet changing bags.

But what I love most about the Babymule is how adaptable it is. As well as the interchangable straps that can change the bag from a rucksack to a record bag, the bag itself can be used for a number of occasions and events other than just baby essentials.

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Gourmet Pizza, South Bank, London: Review

Last Friday, Sharon and I bagged ourselves tickets to see The Last Leg live (say THAT after a few) in London. It’s one of our favourite satire chat-show-style shows out there so there was no way we were going to miss out.

It would have been our first proper outing as a couple in a long time so we wanted to make the most of it and have dinner out too! So after packing T off to nana’s for his first sleepover, after three successful nights in his readybed, we drove to London (which wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it’d be).

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The Baby Files: An Inclusive Baby Book: Review

Before T was born we always loved the idea of having a baby book to detail milestones and achievements. Not just the big things like walking and talking, but the little things like the first time we went to the park, what the number one song on the charts was, or what the world was like before they arrived!

We enjoyed the thought that T would one day have a look at the book and not only recoil in horror at what the number one was in April 2015 (it was Jess Glynne: Hold My Hand) but have a little smile at the things we got up to as a family and see how proud we were of his achievements – big or small.

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