EasiYo Yoghurt Maker: Review

One of T’s favourite foods in the whole wide world is yoghurt. From greek yoghurt to frozen yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit in to yoghurt that’s been shoved on a stick and frozen at home. It was one of his first tastes when we started weaning and he still enjoys it to this day – just more of it!

For some unknown reason, Sharon doesn’t like yoghurt (apart from that fromage frais that builds bones, you know the one) , however I LOVE yoghurt and often put it in baking for a healthy option, or just blob it on some fruit with honey. Sadly, I can’t get away with eating as much of it as T – but you’ll often find me licking the spoon after we’ve served T with some!

Thanks to T’s increasing appetite, we go through a lot of yoghurt on a weekly basis, and therefore have always wanted to try making it ourselves in an attempt to increase our stock, but we always thought it would require a science lab (or at least several sterile jars) and therefore never gave it a go.

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The Gardeco Swedish Torch: Review

There’s something quite exciting about lighting your own fire. Not in a burn-your-house-down kind of way, but a sitting-around-a-campfire-toasting-marshmallows kind of way. We’ve always enjoyed being around a fire. From our previous chimneas and fire pits, to bonfires and the occasional wood burning ritual when I couldn’t be bothered to take tree cuttings to the tip!

I don’t know what it is, but being around a camp fire with a few ciders after a BBQ is just the best. If you time it well; it means you don’t have to get changed out of your shorts once the fire is fully ablaze – keeping you nice and toasty. It also often means the s’mores will be on their way!

But the trouble with building your own fire is that the novelty wears off quickly, and if you have trouble getting it started you often forget why you started it in the first place after the 20th match and half a bottle of lighter fluid!

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ScoopLoop: Where Neighbours Become Friends: Review

Over the past two years, I’ve had my fair share of trying to meet new people and get myself established in my own parenting “community”. I liked the idea of having a few friends with children the same age as T that I could ask for help or just have a meltdown in front of – it was a bonus if I could also meet other same sex families. But very quickly I realised that there weren’t many families like us nearby, so although I did feel isolated in that respect, making sure I wasn’t lonely became more important, so off I trundled to lots of baby groups!

Baby groups, especially ones that cover a huge area; are famous for having an array of parents as well as being extremely scary places. There were often established “cliques” that were difficult to get into – making any form of friendship building already difficult – or just getting the feeling that you’re the only one not really “getting” this parenting thing. It’s a very lonely place – even though, ironically, being a parent means that you’re in the biggest community in the world.

Thankfully for me, this period didn’t last long and I managed to gain some wonderful friends, but it’s something I wish I didn’t have to go through. I wished there was something that would have got me connected to neighbours and local groups a lot sooner.

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Caketoppers Cupcake Delivery: Review & Giveaway. 

By now you should know that I love cake. I love cake so much that I decided carry on breastfeeding T thanks to the 500 calorie burn a day it offered; knowing full well I’d be able to eat more cake that way (joke – kinda). What’s even better is when you don’t even have to leave the house to get cake, or get changed for that matter.

So when the folks over at CakeToppers recently invited me to try their cupcake delivery service, I did anything but scoff at the chance. The scoffing came later!


CakeToppers specialise in the delivery of personalised cakes and cupcakes, and can be delivered the next day if ordered before 2pm! Simply choose from a choice of vanilla or chocolate, and then decide what photo or logo you’d like on your cake!

We decided to print our logo onto our cakes as we wanted to see if all the colours and intricate details could be copied like for like.

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Decorating T’s Bedroom with Kids Prints: A Review

Living in rented accommodation means we’re limited in choice when it comes to decoration. Sure, we can add fabrics and nice frames to make our home more ‘us’ but, for me, I like defining each room with it’s own colour or character. In my imaginary home I have a chalk board painted chimney breast in the kitchen and our office it clean white everywhere with wooden floorboards. Every room is different and has its own character.

Thankfully, our home isn’t garish – far from it – it’s cream and magnolia everywhere, even the carpets. Over time we’ve added red curtains in the lounge and a lot of rainbow in the form of bunting and toys in T’s bedroom, but behind all that is still the same old bland cream. So when we were invited to test out some new vinyl stickers by Kids Prints for T’s bedroom we were keen to give them a go in a way to spruce up his room for Spring – it hadn’t changed since he was born after all.

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Watery Fun with Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table: A Review

Although we love exploring the great outdoors, we always try and make the most out of our garden – despite it’s size and the fact that it’s on a slight incline. We know we are incredibly lucky to have a garden, so why not use it. Plus, T is still of an age where he doesn’t give two hoots whether he’s out or at home, just as long as he’s kept busy.

As you know, T is a complete water baby. This is evident in the fact that he can’t not splash in puddles, he adores bath times, and give him a bottle of water and a few cups and you’ve lost him for at least 20 minutes. So when we were offered to try out Little Tikes’ new ‘Fountain Factory Water Table‘ we knew it would be a hit with him.

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