Days Out: Diggerland and the Little Tikes Playzone!

Last weekend, we treated T’s nephew M to a day out at Diggerland. M is absolutely mad for diggers and all vehicles within the ‘digger’ category (please don’t make me name them all), so when we were invited to Diggerland to see the new Little Tikes Playzone we decided we couldn’t not take him as well.

M is two years older than T, although the only thing that gives it away is the difference in height and speech as T gives it a good go keeping up with his 4 year old cousin!

Diggerland is only 2 hours away from Brighton and is a fast and pleasant drive straight up the M25 to Rochester. Leaving at 8am we even had time to stop at the service station for coffee and to treat M to a (rather expensive!) magazine for the journey. As well as Kent, Diggerland also has locations Devon, Durham, Yorkshire, and Worcestershire.

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Watery Fun with Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table: A Review

Although we love exploring the great outdoors, we always try and make the most out of our garden – despite it’s size and the fact that it’s on a slight incline. We know we are incredibly lucky to have a garden, so why not use it. Plus, T is still of an age where he doesn’t give two hoots whether he’s out or at home, just as long as he’s kept busy.

As you know, T is a complete water baby. This is evident in the fact that he can’t not splash in puddles, he adores bath times, and give him a bottle of water and a few cups and you’ve lost him for at least 20 minutes. So when we were offered to try out Little Tikes’ new ‘Fountain Factory Water Table‘ we knew it would be a hit with him.

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Stroll with Little Tikes – A Giveaway!

We’ve always been fans of the outside.

Whether it’s long walks through the woods, along the promenade, or round our local duck pond, we love being out. In addition to the outside world, we can’t wait to take T to museums.

A few months ago we went to London for the day. S had a voucher to spend so we decided to go to the London aquarium. We had lunch out, and simply became tourists for the day.

We had a great time. T really enjoyed looking at the fish – it was something completely new. The large feature tank containing the Sharks and turtles was his particular favourite as it had an array of lights and sounds. 

For the majority of the time, I wore T. It was easier when it came to using the trains and the tube, and it meant his pram didn’t get kicked in the crowds. We still had to take his pram though, as he wouldn’t have lasted all day in the wrap, which was a pain in the backside.
T’s current mode of transport is good. It’s hardy, comfy for T, and it has lots of room to put bags and shopping in, but it’s not the easiest to assemble when we need to visit the supermarket in the car, or in this case jump on a train, nor is it space saving! It usually takes up our whole boot space!

It was useful to have when we were walking around the aquarium as T was able to look around more than when he was being worn (I hadn’t quite mastered the back carry yet), but when we needed to manuever around London itself it wasn’t great.

What we could have done with was a lightweight stroller. Something to quickly assemble and lightweight to carry when on public transport. It would have also meant we could have put the collapsed stroller in the overhead rack rather than in the gangway (annoying commuters immensly!) which is where our pram had to sit for the majority of the journey. 

Thinking into the future, a stroller will also come in handy for days when it’s raining and therefore not babywearing friendly. Baby groups, library visits, and trips to nanas have a habit of being un-pram friendly. 

If you’re in the same boat as us, the lovely folk at Little Tikes are offering one lucky winner the opportunity to win a Stroll’ n Go (RRP £99.99)

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The stylish grey Stroll’ N Go features multiple recline positions as well as extendable leg rests and a fixed foot rest for maximum comfort and mini naps! The high, soft foam handles are comfortable for parents to push while the front swivel wheels allow this stroller to turn on a sixpence! Ideal for city streets, country parks or simply popping to the shops.

For a chance to win, follow the link below. Open to UK residents only. For further terms and conditions, follow the link.

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