Alternative Ways to Conceive: Egg Donation

*This is a collaborative post.

I’ve blogged about our journey of conceiving T many times on the blog – often writing about how bloody hard it is, not to mention time consuming. But one thing we’ve never really written about is what would have happened if our choice of conception didn’t work out and we were forced to choose another route.

Of the many nights Sharon and I were sat awake wondering whether this time would be the one, we also often discussed what we would do after the umpteenth time of a yet another failed insemination. That number never really surfaced as we eventually conceived T after two years of trying, but I imagine that that number was slowly dawning on us.

One option would have been to go down the IVF route – which is a popular and usually viable option for couples, although not always guaranteed for others and is often costly. But when you’re faced with the thought that you may never conceive; you think about all the options!

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