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A Fresh Start – Part 1

It’s certainly been a while since we’ve blogged, and that’s not because we haven’t wanted to, it’s simply because we haven’t had anything to say. Since the last time we wrote, we’ve moved home as well as started eating healthier; both in an effort to create a nice environment for our future. We also had

It’s Been a While…

So I haven’t written for a while, and it’s not because of anything special happening (sadly), it’s because we have literally had a busy couple of weeks. I guess I felt that if something is not about the baby making, which is what this blog is about, then I guess I don’t need to write

LGBT Families – A Post From an LGBT Child.

This week, I have read several posts about “Blogging for LGBT Families”. All of them were really interesting reads, however it was clear that the majority of the writers were those already with child. There weren’t many in the TTC process – which made me sad. I really wanted to be included, because we’re trying

Taking Some Time Off….

S and I are thinking about taking a month off during one cycle to test my BBT and what it looks like when I don’t have invaders in my body as well as to see what my BBT looks like during the time near to AF visiting without invaders. When we first started trying we

The Signs

According to whattoexpect.com, the “typical” pregnancy signs are as follows:- Tender breasts. Different colored areolas (look it up, I had to). Early bleeding/spotting. Frequent urination. Exhaustion. Nausea. Sensitivity to odours. Being bloated. Late period (AF). (and obviously) a BFP. Over the past few months of trying I have faced during the TWW (closer to the

A Nonchalant Two Week Wait.

On Wednesday, we’ll be half way through our TWW and at the moment, I couldn’t be more nonchalant about it. I guess it’s because we’re now very used to getting BFN’s. Even for this cycle I don’t think it’s going to work because we weren’t able to get the donor to visit us for a