Thinking of the Positives. 

Last Saturday I broke my fifth metatarsal getting undressed. That’s right. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t trying to do anything else at the same time. I was just getting undressed. Trying to take my jeans off I clipped my foot and in between that and landing on said foot I heard a snap. Like a lolly stick. It hurt. I didn’t know whether to cry or throw up.

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Things I Wish I’d Never Started with a Toddler

Having a toddler is like owning a really intellectual sponge. They literally soak up everything they see before them, even when you don’t realise they’re doing it. They may look like they’re playing happily on their own but really they’re absorbing every word you say. I’m pretty sure T also has eyes at the back of his head.

Because T is always learning I try and get T involved in little activities around the house. From emptying the dryer to walking the dog – I like to keep him involved so that one day he’ll do things without thinking. Like maybe tidy his own room for example (hilarious, right?).

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