12 Month Update

I’m The big ONE. T is now a full 12 months old.

Starting this update with a bang, T had an amazing first birthday and got spoilt rotten by friends and family.

We decided to go to Marwell zoo on his actual birthday and then have a party on the Saturday.

Marwell was wonderful. Despite the on and off rain, we still had a lovely day. T was awake for the giraffes; which are at the beginning, but then promptly fell asleep! He then woke in time to see an emu, which he enjoyed immensly.

At least this way it meant S and I got to spend some quiet time with each other; reminiscing about the past twelve months.

We’ll write more about our day trip later, but the day itself was brilliant. T actually woke up on time, meaning we got to do everything and leave the house on time. I’m also pretty sure he woke up taller.

The party on Saturday was so much fun. The house was full of colour and as usual we did enough food to feed a small army. S did all the cooking and I was left to get creative with banners and bunting!

As expected, we made sure T looked as dapper as ever. Suprisingly, that white shirt remained white throughout the whole day!

Within a few minutes of everyone arriving, there was a wonderful hum coming from all the chatter and play. It was lovely to finally watch all our friends children play together.
Despite only having a 30 minute nap, T lasted the whole day without getting crabby. The food he gorged on probably helped though!Because of the size of our house, we were unfortunately limited to inviting only family and close friends, however we’re hoping to organise another social gathering in a few weeks at a local park for his other friends.

******In other news, T’s movement is coming on leaps and bounds, literally. When he’s using his walker, or us as balance, he can pick up quite a decent speed if his path is free.

He really enjoys walking, especially when he’s outside. I’m impressed how quickly he’s picked it up since he started less than a month ago. He loves the “freedom” (as does his gut, which moves a lot more freely now) but his head is often faster than his feet (and us). I can’t wait to be able to chase him or him chase us.

Weaning went back a few weeks at the start of the month thanks to a sickness bug that he picked up from somewhere (no idea where, but I was pretty angry about it as it messed up his nursery settling in sessions). One night, he just woke at 1am, had a feed, and then just threw that and his dinner back up and then proceeded to do so until he just fell asleep through exhaustion at 4am. The next day wasn’t any better as he continued to be sick after most feeds – it was like a game of roulette as to whether he’d be sick on me. Thankfully, everything calmed down by lunchtime the following day, however he’s only just got his appetite back now.

Staying on the subject of appetite, I got my golden boobs award as soon as T hit 12 months. I’ll probably write more about this later, as I don’t think I can do it justice here, but for now I just want to say that I’m incredibly proud of myself (which isn’t something I say often!). I remember T’s first feed like it was yesterday, and although it’s been tough at times and exhausting both mentally and physically, I’m glad I stuck at it.

As mentioned, T started nursery this month. The first day went surprisingly well. I dropped him off and despite him watching me leave, he didn’t cry once. Instead, he made his way to the table ready for lunch. He then proceeded to play until pick up. What’s more is that he’s also started napping at nursery! This is huge as not only does he usually need boob to nap, but the nap has to be on someone (unless we only want a 30 minute nap) – nursery has quashed both these factors as he’s slept in their crib a few times now AND without milk – I’m still trying to find out their secret! Saying that, I’m in no rush to move away from baby snuggles.

My first day back at work once T was dropped off went, again, surprisingly well. It felt like I’d never left and apart from the phone systems, I carried on where I’d left off. It was great. Deep down I was glad to be back. Jokes aside, I enjoyed being “me” again.


So this is going to be my last official update until T hits 18 months. Thanks to work, I now have less time to blog, and to be honest, there won’t be as many milestones anyway. I will continue to write where I can, especially when the big milestones happen, but I’m afraid I won’t be doing the monthly ones. If you’ve followed from the start, thank you! I’d love to know what your favourite month was! I think mine was…

At this point, I’d like to thank Lauren for hosting our monthly #whatmykiddid linky. Like me, Lauren has also returned to work following maternity leave, so the reigns for the monthly linky have now been passed over.

I’ve really enjoyed linking up as its not only encouraged me to write the updates, but I’ve been able to read about other growing little ones. If you’d like to join in with any updates about your little one(s), feel free to follow the link with instructions.


As we enter a new chapter, I have no idea what it’s going to bring us. Fingers crossed for independent steps, and within the next 12 months, maybe even words! I’m still saddened when I think T is moving further and further away from being a baby, but it’s now becoming really exciting.

11 Month Update

It’s been a busy one this month. I honestly don’t know where Febrary went.

In just over a month, we’ll be celebrating T’s FIRST birthday. We’ve just started getting bits ready, although we’re far from done. We’re trying not to go OTT, but you’re also only one once!

T has (finally) been busy getting himself mobile, with activities such as pulling himself up and a semi bum-shuffle being the favourites.

T now has no problem lunging forward when he wants something, regardless of whether he’s sat on his own or on me. If he wants it, he’ll grab it and coordinates his legs nicely now to manuever himself.

He’s also slowly grasping the way legs can move you forward! Over the past two weeks he’s started moving his left leg forward and backward, which then started to loosen his right but after an afternoon at nana’s he managed to take a few steps forward with the help of mama.

His movement definitely comes in random bouts though. One minute he’s pulling himself up and almost cruising around the sofa, the next he’s sat and refusing all effort to get the toy that’s near him. It’s very frustrating.

Weaning has been pretty spot on this month with only a few days where he’s been a little wotsit and not eaten a thing, but then those days have correlated with days where he’s either had a heavy meal the night before or he’s teething. It really is a learning game for me, as much as it is him.

His favourite food at the moment is pasta, egg, and blueberries. He’s now stopped eating banana, but has found a new love for grapes!

I’m now starting to wonder when “weaning” becomes “weaned”? T is boobing less now, with his morning feed only lasting 5-10 minutes after which he then starts wanting breakfast.

It seems his biggest feeds are before his nap at 10:30am and bedtime from 6:30pm. He’ll still have little “drinks” but he’s certainly not asking for as much and sometimes he’ll even take a snack instead!

He’s starting to sleep through more often than not, although when teeth disrupts this he’ll still only wake the once which isn’t bad. I’ve also changed his nappy to a more luxurious brand for nighttime – this seems to be helping.

The last week of February was tainted with illness, with the household all coming down with gastroenteritis. It was awful. Sickness before a child is a walk in the park, seriously. You can curl up on the sofa and just wallow. With the child, that’s out of the question. They don’t wallow in self-pity or cuddle up on the sofa to watch a film, nope, they just get on with things and maybe moan for a little bit before being sick. Therefore, have to keep up with them, and it’s tough. Really tough. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours, but it was the longest 24 hours of our lives.

Finally, and most importantly, T is a year next month. We finally left the ‘denial’ stage last week and have accepted a year has passed in a blink of an eye. We’re preparing a small (ish) party at home with family but am hoping to do an extended, mass get-together a few weeks later with friends once we can guarantee nice weather. Part of us (me) wants to do a themed party (I was made for birthday parties) but we (S) thinks it’ll be wasted on a one year old. I do somewhat agree with this but I also want his first birthday to be frickin awesome, so I’m torn. I’m also aware of how expensive theming a party can be so perhaps we should make the most out of the only opportunity we’ll probably have to have a cheap (ish) party.

Maybe I’ll just go back to the denial stage and ignore this whole ‘T turning one thing’.


10 Month Update

T is now 10 months old! Double figures!


It’s been a month of milestones this month with T progressing when it comes to movement and eating! Although still happy just chilling and watching everything pass him by, T has recently started dipping his toe into the pool of rolling.
He now confidently rolls onto his side but remains there until either I roll him back because he’s “stuck” or when he happens to accidentally flip onto his front. This is huge for him.

He’s still very good at standing whilst up against objects like the sofa or random legs, but he also still gets annoyed when he can’t then reach an item on the floor whilst he’s standing up.

He’s also confidently lunging forward a lot more now, often ending up on his front. I now know a few tricks to get him to do this.

The most exciting (and entertaining) part of T’s improved movement is what happens whilst he’s sleeping! Every night, we put him into his cot asleep and by the morning he’s is a completely different position to where we put him. Some are now verging on the bizarre.


In regards to daytime sleep, T has recently dropped a mid-morning nap and has decided to nap the once at around 11. This will last for around an hour and will usually last until bedtime!

Weaning has also come on leaps and bounds this month, although it still has its down moments. Some days he eats little to nothing, other days he’ll polish off three meals and snacks!  I think teeth contribute a lot to what he eats and how much, especially as within the last 2 weeks he cut a molar! OUCH!!

The biggest milestone is that T’s also started eating from a loaded fork. A few weeks ago he’d chomp down and scrape the fork, thinking it was part of the food, but now he gently takes the food off the fork. What’s more is that last night he even started giving the fork back to me to be loaded again. This bit may very well be a fluke, but it’s something he’s grasped.

His favourite food is pasta, although not spaghetti. He doesn’t even touch that or noodle. He still dislikes tomato but happily eats meatballs in my homemade sauce.

He’s recently gone off pear, but still loves banana. I’ve also recently started baking again so T has more variety when it comes to snacks. So far, I’ve made fruity oat bars and sweet potato biscuits.

Finally, for us 10 months also means that we have to start talking about his birthday. It’s a scary thought and perhaps something I’m not ready to think about yet, but with two months to go I can’t leave it too late!


9 Month Update

T is 9. Months. Old. 9 MONTHS.

I’ve given up wondering why T isn’t making any effort to move. It’ll simply come when it comes. He’ll move when he wants to / works out how (I hope). He can stand quite happily on edges of sofas and knees so I’ll take that as progress. Plus, I’ve realised that one day he won’t be so small (or so still) so I should really make the most out of it now.

Where he’s not moving, he makes up for in voice and noises. He has a few regulars such as “mamamama” and “babababa” which both go on for a while. I don’t think they’re any relation to words, but they’re definitely sounds he likes making. “Mamamama” he makes more when he’s annoyed or if I’m in the kitchen. Other noises include lip smacking, lip popping, and something that sounds like a motorboat and a raspberry when he blows air through his lips. It’s all very cute.

We had an awesome Christmas. T was truly spoilt by family and friends, and often didn’t know what to do with himself whilst surrounded by toys.

Christmas Day even got a bit overwhelming for him, so much so he had to have a nap half way through opening presents. Christmas dinner, however, was not a problem. He tried a bit of everything and has found a love for turkey.

Weaning is still going well. He has days where he doesn’t eat much and is quite picky, other days he doesn’t stop taking what is offered. He still loves toast and banana, but now also enjoys hard boiled egg.

Since hitting 9 months he really knows to deal with things, such as; how to get things off other things (like the rings off the stacker), how to pull things towards him if something he wants is on it (like a tablecloth to get a plate), or just general search (and destroy), which is my favourite. We got him a ball pit for Christmas, so when I set it up I often hide sensory toys under the balls as well as other little gems, however it doesn’t take him long to start flapping or waving his hand around to move the balls before finding something.

It’s these sorts of activities that make me understand what T is going through when he watches me and other babies. He’s taking everything in, soaking it all up. When I think about what he was like even a month ago, it makes me realise that I take what I’ve learnt for granted. Walking, talking, etc. has all been learnt over time , and slowly but surely, he’s doing it as well. It’s really an amazing sight.


Our 2015

2015 was a huge one for us with the arrival of T, after trying for two years to meet him.

2016 will no doubt be just as busy what with T starting nursery, me returning to work, and T making general milestones like walking and, possibly, talking!

But before we start moving forward, here’s what our 2015 looked like.

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8 Month Update. 

It didn’t seem that long ago since I last updated you! Where is the time going?

T is now 8 months old.

Weighing in at a nice 21Ib 5oz he’s just left his current percentile but is still at a nice incline. With weaning, I was worried about weight gain both eating too much or eating too little (although food before 1 is “just for fun”). With BLW you don’t often know how much to offer as it either doesn’t get eaten or it gets thrown on the floor; however because of BLW you can just trust them to stop eating (when they do eat) when they’re full or start playing with the food, signifying they’re finished. This can be quite hard to gauge as T is quite the pig. T really enjoys food, often stuffing his face with all the flavours, but has issues swallowing and quickly gets frustrated with the food in his mouth. He is getting used to it, as he now has no issue a polishing off a portion of lasagne or foods that he once had difficulty with, but it’s hard to watch him get annoyed with food he hasn’t had practise with. Once he gets it, it really is fun watching him gum / chew the food and then swallow – not to mention see it appear at the other end a few days later!

T’s favourite foods are brocolli, sweet potato, and pears. He’s also partial to the occasional banana but I have to monitor how many of these he has in a week! He’d murder me for my toast and don’t get me started on his reaction when someone has Greek yogurt!

T is a really funny little boy now. There are looks in his eyes that give you an impression about what he’s thinking.

He’s usually being sneaky, grabbing everything nearby (and putting it in his mouth!) so you have to preempt what he’s thinking (and doing). He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He loves a game that involves suspense, especially if it leads to a tickle, but hates getting dressed in the morning.

We’re still really busy during the week which is nice. We still have a baby group on a Tuesday, and Swimming on a Wednesday. On top of this I try and get to the local library once a fortnight and his nanas once a week. I really want him to be a social baby, especially as he’s off to nursery in April *sobs*.

Finally, we’re really looking forward to our first Christmas as a family. S has a ton of time off so we’re looking forward to shutting the door and vegging out together until the new year.

We’re hoping over Christmas T will start moving as at the moment there’s nothing, which is getting a little frustrating. I know, I know, I will curse the day he starts moving but it’s hard not to worry or feel a little jealous when babies the same age or even younger are crawling or at least rolling! T just sits. Happily sits, mind you, but that’s it. Maybe if I put a snack out further than arms reach he’ll go for it.